Feb 4, 2011

New Google Apps Update (03/02/2011) mdpi

Complete Gapps: 03 Feb 2011
Maps (5.1.0)
Street view (
Youtube (2.1.6)
Gmail (2.3.2)
Market (2.2.11)
Voice Search (2.1.1)
etc ...

Download: gapps-mdpi-20110203.zip

Note: Use the Clockwork recovery to update your system with this file.


disaster85 said...

Is it compatible with Cyanogen 7 mod ?

Unknown said...

Yes. I combined it with CM 7 build 28.

Unknown said...

is it compatible with XT502 3270 mod?

PG said...

it works in a Boston with standard ROM from Optimus??

Jack Boxer said...

Voice search is broken with CM7 and this GAPPS.

andy said...

goggle apps not working what should i do?

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