Oct 23, 2010

ClockworkMod recovery v2.5.1.0 for Boston

Support Updates.zip and Backup/Restore :)

fastboot flash recovery clockwordrecovery.img
fastboot reboot 

Download: clockwork-z71.img


Dex said...

Anyone tested this? At least put some instructions.

termoflua said...

This is only for advanced users, and they know how to put it...
Wait for a new rom with this inside...

Bijesh said...

@termoflua: Doesn't RUT work with ClockwordMod recovery? RUT detects the phone alright but fails during installation with a "switch to " erro. I googled for answers but no luck. Wanted to try CMLEclair but can't install without RUT.

Is there a forum/wiki/web page that talks about this custom ClockworkMod recovery?

Dex said...

Bijesh: Put it in download mode - red + power + vol up

Bijesh said...

@Dex: Brilliant!! That + a few iterations of driver uninstall/install worked.

Dex said...
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Dex said...

ClockworkMod recovery v2.5.1.0 for Boston works just fine. Here are some screen shots: http://img576.imageshack.us/img576/2281/1001573.jpg

Dinh Vu said...

I can't up ROM on my A88 phone. I used 2 ROM: CMLMod1.5.2.nb0 and A88Mod. nb0. Both is unsuccessful.

Information is displayed in screen:

Flash Mem: hynix_ H8BCS0UN0MCR (4G/2G)
Modem REV: FXX-2-19F-00
Incoming Download Mode:
polling, get oemsbl_mode=1

Pls help me

Adam said...

@Bijesh: How did you do that? What do you mean with "a few iterations of driver uninstall/install"?
I have ClockworkMod Recovery and RUT does NOT find my phone.
Please help!

Akshat Mittal said...

Could you help me Remove that Recovery..

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