Oct 24, 2011

[Rom 2.3.7] Cyanogenmod 7.1 aPT v1

  • Cyanogen 7.1

  • Android 2.3.7

  • Goggle Apps 28/08/2011

  • Clockwork Recovery

  • Simple2ext (s2e)

  • Screenshots:

    - Splash Logo Google
    - Google Nexus Prime Boot Animation
    - Flash Player 10.2
    - Added option to wake phone with front keys
    - AR6002 WiFi Firmware updated
    - Firmware updated GPU Adreno 200 (RGBX_8888 enabled)
    - Performace 3D increased, especially with overclocking
    - Overclocking System completely changed, should bring better results for those who could not overclock for certain frequencies.
    - Number of available frequencies overclocking from 480MHz (604, 614, 633, 652, 672, 691, 710, 729, 748, 768, 787, 806, 825, 844, 864)
    - Kernel version with optional AHB-bus overclock by 50% (memory speed)
    - Config changed to use GPS NTP server of Portugal (pt.pool.ntp.org), faster response speed
    - Lowmemorykiller aggressive to free RAM
    - TCP buffer size tweaks
    - Several tweaks build prop
    - USB transfer speed increased (confirmation?)
    - Power Profile updated (battery consumption statistics more accurate, allowing you to see the wakelocks consuming battery)
    - Removed option to reboot into the bootloader
    - Added option to disable bootanimation (boot faster)
    - Gallery3D graphics changed to the correct (was using low-resolution images, just see the camera button)
    - Added option to choose for the battery icon and remove too.
    - Ring lockscreen graphics changed
    - Added option to choose the preferred network (GSM only, GSM / WCDMA auto, etc.)
    - Fixed bug ringtone or notification does not touch the speaker when the headphones are connected (now plays in the second when activated in the options)
    - Changed the Gallery3D to maintain the same level of brightness the camera app (when it would take a picture and we would see the result in the gallery, the light sensor reduced the brightness depending on the conditions and the result was never the same as we had seen in the preview)
    - BusyBox 1.19.2
    - Some changes will bionic / Dalvik libstagefright and small bugs.

    Download: update-cm-7.1.0-aPT-v1a.zip Thanks to Fagulhas from AndroidPT


    Enosh said...

    The original kernal will freeze at 844 and 864 Mhz

    mashhood said...

    hey plaease not uploading again and again use any thing else anything..:(

    PriyoDevil said...

    touchscreen unresponsive. works after flashing the eav6 kernel. but can't see any wi-fi networks. any suggestions? but rom is very good otherwise. very low battery consumption and really fast.

    PriyoDevil said...

    scratch that. a reboot just fixed the wifi problem.

    roberto said...

    What about network provider search? Is it working now or still shows error?

    Anonymous said...

    gps working
    hotspot working
    wifi unstable
    overclock working
    automatic brightness not working
    music stuttering no longer exists when screen off (dsp enabled)

    godend said...

    also cant create the gmail account,this is immature rom,r u guys face this problem?

    mwm said...

    muito bom nota 10

    pato said...

    I can not market and Gmail ... why?

    mwm said...

    Just install the Applications folder app Google Apps: GAPPS-gb-20110828-signed.zip

    mwm said...

    esta rom resolveu todos os meu problemas,principalmente com o wifi

    godend said...

    mwm,pls speak english,no more mars languge or Sign languge.

    androiddylan said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    androiddylan said...

    Since it is based on the CM 7.1 it still has those freaking problems! The screen just freaks out, it works now then later, no. Camera problem is back in action! Though I am very impressed with the wide options in taking a picture. The ROM just freezes @ 806. I would say that EA 5 and EA 6 are the most stable CM based ROMs that was released and this one needs to work out as well. By the way, CM should not use the word "Stable" because every time they have a newly released ROM, the problem never stops so I am back with Phantom 4b which is the most stable ROM so far.

    godend said...

    dylan,any new version or new update, it probably some problems,but ,it can be improved and updated,the user post a comment with any problem,we are finding a solution,so dont compare with other rom.ps:i used cm7.1 rom so good,wifi,camera,screen all function ok.
    except gmail account.

    Miguel said...

    PriyoDevil i had the same problem how to flash the eav6 kernel?THX

    godend said...

    b4 half an hours i install update-cm-7.1.0-aPT-v1a.zip first,at the same time install gapps-gb-20110828-signed,now all the function ok, Works Perfectly Fine.

    LuFFy said...

    since a last couple of updates ..my wifi isnt working ..it turns on .. stays for a bit and turns off .. i dint care for it at first because i never used wifi before . but now i really need it ..i am on this rom with eav6 kernel .

    androiddylan said...

    People are looking for a stable customised ROM that has less problems and people will switch back and forth from one ROM to another to compare which one would be better for their phone.If people will find solutions to make this ROM stable then that would be good but so far my experience with CM has been unpleasant since CM 6.1 and I know other people will still pour out the same complains.

    terry said...

    eav6 kernel never fix this rom wifi problem.try others.
    u r definitely right,but i still thankful for cm for their motivation on this fone rom

    androiddylan said...

    Thank you for understanding my point. I am thankful to CM too, they have shown me the way that "hey! your phone can do better than that! upgrade it!" Unfortunately it also entails problems, I really appreciate those people in this blog that they have been trying all that they can to help people and special mention to you Terry, I have read how you helped others.

    Gadget shop said...

    Before flash Apt v1 what rom you flash
    super aosp , super osr , etc.

    Lawliet said...

    Performance is real so good!
    But battery Life only 12 hours..
    Back to EAV6

    Gadget shop said...

    Can I flash this over a version SuperOSR-ST@-Boston-2.0.1-AW or Super Aosp 8.6-AW? Please help me, myfriends!! ^o^

    klvn1818 said...

    hi guys, did anyone faced this problem?
    i was installed my rom from MyGB to CM7_apt_v1b, its goes smooth for the 1st day, however, the end call button, call button and the enter button was malfunction this morning, i was unable to select the option in recovery mode due to enter button malfunction and even worst i cnt enter download mode...anyone cant share how to solve this problem...thanks...

    akrisna said...

    cannot get welcome screen and I cannot add Google account for market etc.
    any solution?

    Azizi said...

    How to USB thether.. Not working, RNDIS driver needed..

    Anonymous said...

    i am using this rom for a while now.. and battery n all is not an issue at all.. only thing that bothers me is that MY WIFI NOT WORKING.. IT SHOWS CONNECTED TO MY 54mbps WIFI CONNECTION, BUT CANT OPEN A SINGLE WEBPAGE... PLZZZZZZZZZZZ ANYWAYS TO FIX THAT, WIFI IS A MUST FOR ME, LOVE THE ROM, DONT WANT TO GO BACK TO NYTHING ELSE.... THANX IN ADVANCE. :)

    payo99 said...

    USB Driver XP:
    Just install Remote_NDIS_based_Internet_Sharing_Device.zip


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