Feb 1, 2011

[Rom 2.3] Cyanogen MOD 7 for Z71 - Build 25

CyanogenMOD 7 for Commtiva Z71, Apanda A60, Chinavision  Excalibur, Cincinnati Bell Blaze, Gigabyte Gsmart G1305, Motorola XT502, Muchtel A1, Optimus Boston, Orange Boston, Spice Mi-300, Vibo A688 and Wellcom A88 - official nightly version

Visit the CHANGELOG for a full list of changes and features!"

Latest nightly version:
Download: cm_z71_full-25.zip

Google Apps: 20110115 (recommended by cyanogen but without GMAIL...)
Mirror: gapps-gb-20110115-signed.zip

Complete Gapps: gapps-mdpi-20101228-signed.zip

NEEDS RomManager 3.+

Thank you to EVERYONE involved in Cyanogen! Enjoy!


- said...

New google apps:


Daniel said...

this built support app2ext?

UraniumSnake said...

It doesn´t need app2ext since Froyo. It has a similar way off doing it

Tanasa said...

I have a single problem: no GSM, no IMEI :)
with all [Rom 2.3] Cyanogen MOD 7 for Z71 - Build . . . the same problem.
What could be the cause ? What should i do ?

Anonymous said...

Tanasa: Install a oficial 2.1 rom and then install cyanogen7.

vasile said...

Tanasa flash first rom 2.1 optimus or official oane,after that flash rom 2.3!!! sorry 4 my english

hugo said...

Someone could help me and because I install the rom and it did not ask for the pin soon I cannot make calls or send sms ..

4sharedonly said...

camera keep force close

vinh said...

#25 : - install gapps mini , can't finish glbenchmark
- install gapps full, glbenchmark finish ok .
- quadrant standard - finish ok
- quadrant adv - 3D test black. but score over 800
- NFS Shift : not work

hugo said...

help please

Sammy said...

- Calendar give me FC, cannot open calendar/task item
- CM Setting for CPU tweak still give FC

@hugo: re-flash with SUT/RUT using 226 rom or official 2.1 rom, root then install clockwork recovery, next is flash this rom using clockwork recovery

vinh said...

@hugo : do same same like this


D1v1n3D said...

I am on my phone giving build 26 a go so far extremely well however seems a lil slow on my xt502 but all is working all gapps. Wifii cell text net torch

Aevum Dicessio said...

@D1v1n3D and battery drain?
I was hoping to return to CM6 to have stable battery for sometime now, can you people please suggest me which build of CM 6 did u guys find the battery was most acceptable from your experience?

Sammy said...

most of CM release drain battery faster, not so sure about that. but rather than CM6, i would recommend you use latest firetrap release (2.2.1), it's stable and have significant battery use.

misko said...

hey boys :D if you want full benchmark test, you must download QUADRANT BENCHARK v1.1.7 !!! Version 1.1.6 not support a Gingerbread !!! Version 1.1.7 is free at Market :D ENJOY !!!

vinh said...

but glbenchmark egypt not run successful and NFS Shift ? it not support Gingerbread ?

Patrick said...

[Rom 2.2] BBC for Apanda A60 v2.2 this rom is stable for my Wellcom A88 and battery works 1 day.

Aevum Dicessio said...

bah.. am going through hell to make SUT recognise my XT502. Switching back to CM before i go insane..

vasile said...

Aevum Dicessio:instal cm6build54 and after flash boot.img from superblerMVZ v4 or v4.1!

vasile said...

you can use cm612-z71-signed stable

RichyE said...

With build 23 to 25 I'm not able to receive any SMS anymore on my WellcoM A88

Aevum Dicessio said...

@vasile.. i haved put my prob of phone not detected in firetrap 2.2 post.. awaiting response
And also you said i can "use cm612-z71-signed stable ".. this is for battery performance or for SUT to detect my phone. Do i have to flash boot.img from superbler for cm612 also so that it gets detected?

RichyE said...

Flashed build 27 still no SMS and coneecting to WPA2 networks also doesn't work

Nuno Silva said...

On Optimus Boston works great,at first after upgrading from Apanda 2.2 I got no GSM connection so I went back to Optimus stock 2.1 ROM and It came to live.
GPS OK, WIFI OK, almost all the apps work, Thanks a lot for this ROM.

Nuno Silva said...

Correction, went back to stock ROM from the operator to fix the no GSM problem, but after flashed with this one again, and problem solved.

vasile said...

@Aevum:cm612z71+boot.img is for better batery consuption!
SUT recognized your phone in download mode(red+
volup+power)from any rom you have!
instal rom 2.1optimus;
copy zip cm612z71 on sdcard(not in folder)
flash recovery 2513;
reboot phone in recovery mode and instal zip from sdcard;do wipe to factory reset;reboot phone; in fastboot mode flash boot.img of superbler; reboot and anjoy!now battery must keep you at least 2 days if you arnot a bad gamer!!

Aevum Dicessio said...

@vasile thanks atleast a day n half with most minimal usage.
If i need to go CM7 in future i don't think i have to go to stock rom first right?

Bassam said...

thats the best and great rom i ever use for my xt5
the battery and screen and everything amazing

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