Jan 31, 2011

[Rom 2.3] Cyanogen MOD 7 for Z71 - Build 24

CyanogenMOD 7 for Commtiva Z71, Apanda A60, Chinavision  Excalibur, Cincinnati Bell Blaze, Gigabyte Gsmart G1305, Motorola XT502, Muchtel A1, Optimus Boston, Orange Boston, Spice Mi-300, Vibo A688 and Wellcom A88 - official nightly version

Visit the CHANGELOG for a full list of changes and features!"

Latest nightly version:
Download: cm_z71_full-24.zip

Google Apps: 20110115 (recommended by cyanogen but without GMAIL...)
Mirror: gapps-gb-20110115-signed.zip

Complete Gapps: gapps-mdpi-20101228-signed.zip

NEEDS RomManager 3.+

Thank you to EVERYONE involved in Cyanogen! Enjoy!


Ismail Mohd Yusof said...

Already flashed it last night..
really stable so far. all function like wifi, camera, torch, GSM, 3G, working fine,
battery life so far is so good.

Daniel said...

is this ROM support app2ext?

Ismail Mohd Yusof said...

so far, i've install / move almost all my apps to the SD,
is this the right answer to ur ques?

Sammy said...

this rom support app2sd, not app2ext (app2sd+)
so far, almost all working fine. only CM setting for performance tweak (CPU) get me FC.
flash with 226 boot to get network working, so if you flashed and no network, re-flash with SUT/RUT using 226 rom, then install zip this rom using clockwork recovery.

BeleQ said...

How about battery life ?

Ismail Mohd Yusof said...

cant be sure bout battery life yet.
coz i keep connect to usb for a while.

vinh said...

till no full 3D support ?

Sammy said...

@vinh i try quadrant standart, still can't get pass 3D test

Shankar Gupta said...

still the battery life is not good. drained in 4-5 hours of minimum use.

Another problem is that it doesnot working with wifi hotspot i.e. not able to get IP with wifi hotspot.

Does someone tried build 25?

RichyE said...

Flashed build 25 after I wasn't able to receive SMS with build 23. Still the SD card problem after wake-up. Battery life not tested yet.

- said...

New google apps:


Anonymous said...

uploading link doesnt work

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