Mar 20, 2012

[TRICK] Dropbox with +23GB Free Space

• Uninstall any other instances of dropbox (either official or unofficial)
• Install my APK
• Login & wait for the confirmation mail!
• If you haven't received the confirmation mail after 30 minutes, try uninstalling the app, the installing it again and login. BUT, it doesn't work for everyone. Haven't figured out why yet.
• After getting the extra space, you can go back to official dropbox builds (uninstall mine first).

Download: Dropbox_23GB_S4_v2_theos0o.apk

Thanks to theos0o from XDA


Woonder said...

Works fine on my GSmart 1305. Got + 23GB, but it is only for next two years.

AbuAmr said...

Thanks...I've got + 23 GB more free space

Unknown said...

i have received the confirmation mail but i haven't got +23GB..

Unknown said...

in second time I got +23GB. Device - HTC Incredible S

Nuno said...

worked fine with me !

Using Optimus Boston

biMp said...

For those who are unable to get the free storage, try this :
- Login to dropbox via PC and finish at least 5 of 7 tasks...
- Login to dropbox via this app

ricar said...

this is great! thanks man! :)

Mark said...

worked fine with me ! Using Optimus Boston \but today i have only +4g free instead of 23g :(

ricar said...

my storage went back to 2.2GB after I get that .2 GB storage free when you accomplish something in the dropbox site..wth.. how can I bring back my 25 GB storage..:(

Anonymous KoolNerd™ said...

Nice.. :-D

mcq said...

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