May 8, 2012

[TIP] Repair your broken Boston

Buy the following two pieces:
- Motorola XT502 Glass + Digitizer (it will bring the tools that you need as T5 key... 14,37 eur)

- Motorola XT502 Housing (18,82 eur)

Disassemble Boston using this How To:

Note: if is a Boston the only trick is that you need to easily cut the following plastic piece, that is fit for the red and green buttons and you don't need it for the newer ones:

 And after about 1 hour the result :)


Mika said...

hi, can you change the pictures? they dont work, probably because they are from an email, you have to host it in imageshack for example...
can you explain how to cut the plastic piece?

Sicore said...

video clip to open this phone

termoflua said...

I've cutted it with a scissors :) It's easy...
And it needs some filing on the round part to fit the new hole..

raymond said...

my phone cannot open anymore. Is there anything to fix my phone?

Mika said...

can you post pictures of the final result with the xt502 covers?

me_sharief said...

CAN I Use this housing to mi mi300

termoflua said...

Yes, you can use this housing on every clone

Sapraj said...

will this work on Z51 clone

Ysharief said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ysharief said...

thanks for sharing this information. its very very valuable..

Puneet Kumar Bagri said...

hey, the housing is no longer available on ebay. From where can we get it now....

Pedro Saraiva said...

same here. where??

Eisy Thor said...

Pre Orange Boston som to vyriesil tak, aby som nemusel kupovat kryt na Motorolu. Staci kupit digitizer a potom ho obrusit. Na brusenie som pouzil brusny papier, najskor P160 (spotreba asi 4 kusy), potom P360 (2 kusy) a finis P600 (1 kus). Je to potrebne obrusit tesne po hranu ako je umiestnene cervene a zelene tlacidlo. A hlavne brusit pomaly, jemne, neponahlat sa.

crazy_heart said...

is anyone still alive on here??
i got a problem, i have a moto xt502 and was running phantom evolution rom.. last night i slept only to wake up to know that my phone is not starting. i tried charging the battery, it shows the red led while connected to charger, but nothing on screen.
i tried to switch it on my many modes, recovery, download mode, fast boot, but it is not starting.
i am not sure if its a charging problem, coz it shows only the red light and never the green one, so i guess the battery is not charging.

bt is that possible is that my phone is already dead and i should stop chasing the ghost.
please anyone who can help me.. ANYONE.. it is my only phon so it is emergency..
please respond..
respond on my mail or wherever..
but please do..


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Android here is how i flashed this rom: 1st i Download apk reverted back to official 2.1 rom, 2nd Apllication iphone flashed to cm 7 stable.3rd updated to Apk Android MyGingerB Gaia 1.3,then lastly,updated this Gaia 2. It took so long to reboot at first,but after a couple of charging,the booting takes forever!hope this issue will be fixed Apk Androidin the next release.

Rizwan Ali said...

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