Dec 7, 2010

psfMod (PSFreedom) on Boston

ATENTION: So that there are no confusions later on, this recovery, although being similar to the one Klutsh has released at, is not the same. Both are probably compiled from the same source, in the same way, and judging by the reports in his blog, are working in a similar fashion. Just so you know.

As is of public knowledge of the people who have been accompanied, me and skyn3t have been working on the psfMod recovery for Boston (Commtiva z71).

With that in mind, it's with great pleasure that we announce that we've succeeded in successfully compiling and running the recovery.

Props go to KaKaRoTo (original creator for PSFreedom), Klutsh (original creator for psfMod) and arcee (rmcc - CM porter for the device).

At this point in time, we feel that we should make it public for anyone who want to use it, but as per usual, we'll not distribute bdev enabled payloads.

We were driven to do this just so that we could take some joy in being able to successfully jailbreak the PS3 with the z71, and as such don't support piracy.

We hope, with this achievment, that other more talented devs, with more experience, can help the ps3 scene to grow further.

We'll keep on updating as far as we're able to, to follow the trends of psfMod, while also trying to contribute on what we can to the community.

To those using CyanogenMod, this recovery is based off ClockworkMod Recovery, and as such, you can use it without any problem, apart the ones already known (menu linking is wrong with psfMod patching, z71 sends two clicks for each time you press and release the volume buttons). The only problem is that Rom Manager doesn't recognize it as ClockworkMod, so you'll have to flash the zips through recovery.

If you share this in other communities, please remember to address the proper regards to everyone. It's not that we did much, or that it was groundbreaking, but it feels nice not to be "robbed" of your work.

For information on how to download the recovery, kindly check the next post for an detailed explanation on how to download, install and use the recovery."

...Next Post:
"We're assuming, in this tutorial, that you have the skills necessary to use fastboot and walk your way through recovery menus.

How to use psfMod recovery with Commtiva z71:
1. Find the pl3 payloads (PSFreedom) and get them on your SD
2. Download the recovery - psfMod-z71.img
3. Using fastboot, either load the recovery directly using "fastboot boot recovery psfMod-z71.img" or by flashing it as your permanent recovery using "fastboot flash recovery psfMod-z71.img"
4. Boot into recovery
5. Use the trackball for moving through the menu. The - apply option doesn't work. As a result of this patch, all the options are one position up. So if you select the "wipe cache partition" option, it'll redirect you to the "install zip from sdcard" menu.
6. Select the option "advanced"
7. Select "Load Payload from SD"
8. Select the payload of choice. In our case: default_payload_3_41.bin
9. When the screen shows "PSFreedom is now running", follow the instructions on-screen.

There, you've successfully jailbroken your PS3 with the Commtiva z71. Do check back on for updates on this. " From AndroidPT

Thanks to AndroidPT developers and for all who helped on this release..


r0ckf3l3r said...

Thank you for making our work know to audiences other than androidPT. I appreciate it.

Also, you may want to update your post with my recent update on the first post of that topic. Klusth has made available the psfServiceMod recovery for the z71, allowing us to Downgrade from 3.50 to lower firmwares.

Again, appreciated for your post.

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