May 9, 2012

[Rom 2.3.7] Gaia 2.0.x RC Preview

With the next release is on the way, I will be renaming the ROM Gaia with a new version of 2.0.x, and the next release will be 2.0.1.

There will be an overall changes to the ROM, with some of it are exciting and fresh for several users as said on the Lowyat forum thread. 

Changes are (for the RC preview) : 

  • Translucent status bar as default
  • New Splash image
  • Nexus ICS bootanimation
  • Based from Cyanogenmod 7.2 Source code
  • ICS animation backport
  • T9 dialer (thanks to cyanogenmod)
  • New performance script
  • Improved memory management out of the box
  • 2.6.35.x kernel
  • WiFi tethering working
  • USB tethering working
  • Improve "ondemand" CPU scheduler 

 Gaia 2 will promise the most refreshing feel to default Gingerbread look and feel, with minimal changes but still can give the most impact to user UI experience, so look forward for these changes in stable release of Gaia 2 this week with the following changes :

  • Transparent Gingerbread launcher hotseat
  • Better browser performance
  • Improved UI rendering
  • Better translucent statusbar support

The full release note will be publish here at the same time as the stable version is release. For now click on the link below for the RC preview of Gaia 2 :D

May 8, 2012

[TIP] Repair your broken Boston

Buy the following two pieces:
- Motorola XT502 Glass + Digitizer (it will bring the tools that you need as T5 key... 14,37 eur)

- Motorola XT502 Housing (18,82 eur)

Disassemble Boston using this How To:

Note: if is a Boston the only trick is that you need to easily cut the following plastic piece, that is fit for the red and green buttons and you don't need it for the newer ones:

 And after about 1 hour the result :)