May 9, 2012

[Rom 2.3.7] Gaia 2.0.x RC Preview

With the next release is on the way, I will be renaming the ROM Gaia with a new version of 2.0.x, and the next release will be 2.0.1.

There will be an overall changes to the ROM, with some of it are exciting and fresh for several users as said on the Lowyat forum thread. 

Changes are (for the RC preview) : 

  • Translucent status bar as default
  • New Splash image
  • Nexus ICS bootanimation
  • Based from Cyanogenmod 7.2 Source code
  • ICS animation backport
  • T9 dialer (thanks to cyanogenmod)
  • New performance script
  • Improved memory management out of the box
  • 2.6.35.x kernel
  • WiFi tethering working
  • USB tethering working
  • Improve "ondemand" CPU scheduler 

 Gaia 2 will promise the most refreshing feel to default Gingerbread look and feel, with minimal changes but still can give the most impact to user UI experience, so look forward for these changes in stable release of Gaia 2 this week with the following changes :

  • Transparent Gingerbread launcher hotseat
  • Better browser performance
  • Improved UI rendering
  • Better translucent statusbar support

The full release note will be publish here at the same time as the stable version is release. For now click on the link below for the RC preview of Gaia 2 :D

May 8, 2012

[TIP] Repair your broken Boston

Buy the following two pieces:
- Motorola XT502 Glass + Digitizer (it will bring the tools that you need as T5 key... 14,37 eur)

- Motorola XT502 Housing (18,82 eur)

Disassemble Boston using this How To:

Note: if is a Boston the only trick is that you need to easily cut the following plastic piece, that is fit for the red and green buttons and you don't need it for the newer ones:

 And after about 1 hour the result :)

Apr 19, 2012

[Rom 4.0.4] Ice Cream Sandwich for Boston v1.3 (Alpha)

Now you can test the new Android 4.0.4 (ICS) for Boston and clones.

This is just a ALPHA release for our phones.


Many thanks

[Rom 2.3.7] MyLeWa for Z71 and clones


-tweaked some status bar icons, like battery icon
-auto brightness fixed (*), not 100%.
-added ExDialer, an MiUI style dialer. Simple, smart and fast. I like it, with multilanguage support and some themes, like in screenshoots.
-changed bootanimation.
-update and included: Market, SuperUser, RootExplorer, MIUI weather ...
-Default launcher: Zeam Launcher, it's simple, fast and gesture support.
-dalvik2cache, sd card speed fix, build.prop changed only for better battery life.
-kernel by edgar for better battery life and WiFi drivers from update-cm-7.2.0-RC0-aPT-v2 for better search and stability.

(*) I use "Custom Auto Brightness" app, older that from Market, for me it's better, maybe the author fixes bugs in future.
Read "How to use:" section on Google play for properly settings.

Download app:

-when you first setup and entry in Playstore, touch back button, appears window with Backup and Store option, choose next and finish.
-Settings/Performance/Clear memory exceptions, enable LogGraph if you don't want to kill this app (auto brightness) when you touch memory cleanup button on drop-down status bar.
-some options on Settings don't work, it's normal, because I choose to use an alternative Launcher and I delete some apps from LeWa that it's not necessary.

+Test arhive for CRC error.
+How to install:
  1. go to recovery
  2. wipe data/factory reset
  3. install zip from sdcard/choose zip from sdcard
  4. power off
  5. reboot with “Master Reset”

This is the best LeWa that you can get!
Download link:

Apr 10, 2012

[Rom 2.3.7] MIUI for COMMTIVA Z71 beta2


* MIUI widgets working
* Default mega themes with 1000+ icons. \m/
* Bluetooth file transfer fixed.
* Camera zoom now fixed :D
* Rotation speed increased (some what)
* Battery icon fixed(Hopefully)
* No crash in settings.
* Some other things people

* My own Fast3GLagFreeRamBooster™ Script :D
* Resized some widgets
* Removed Chinese...
* No lag in PlayStore..
* Fixed Menu hotton brigs up keyboard thing..
* Some more i cant remember right now...

If you find any bugs ... First try switching some kernels..
With .35 kernel WiFi works like a blazzee at higher speed becoz of me script.. Try switchibg kernels if you find any bugs Test it please and send me some screen shots as I myself wont be able to flash it for some time.. Coz I have fried my sd card... :( If you find any bugs plzzzz do report me...

Suggestions are accepted... :)

Download Link

[Rom 2.3.7] MyLIGUX


-based on LiGux v3.2 beta6 z71 OptiMod, thanks to Mas Hubaib
-kernel, thanks to @edgar86
-WiFi drivers from ROM 2.3.7 CM7.2 RC1 Build 25-03-2012 by @pj, thanks very much for this
-changed Splash, Boot animation and default ringtones
-replaced default Launcher, Dialer, SMS, Keyboard with GO DEV TEAM apps, this guys make amazing apps
-some tweaks
-maybe you discover more

This ROM is stable, fast and best battery life for 2.3.x ROM's.

*Test arhive for CRC error.
*If you have continuous FC when activate WiFi, use a file explorer with root privileges (eg root explorer) and go to the folder /data/misc/wifi erase all content and reboot.

*How to install:
  1. go to recovery
  2. wipe data/factory reset
  3. install zip from sdcard/choose zip from sdcard
  4. power off
  5. reboot with “Master Reset”

Apr 3, 2012

[Rom 2.3.7] MIUI for COMMTIVA Z71 beta1

If you guys have tried the great-looking XPERIA-like ROM by Dipesh, then the newest one from him that ‘m going to post below will be irresistible! Look at the screenshots below – don’t you wanna install, test and report bugs to make this a superb ROM?

MIUI beta 1 for Commtiva Z71 clones
MIUI beta 1 ROM for Commtiva Z71 clones
MIUI beta 1 ROM for Commtiva Z71 clones
MIUI beta 1 ROM for Commtiva Z71 clones
MIUI beta 1 ROM for Commtiva Z71 clones
MIUI beta 1 ROM for Commtiva Z71 clones
MIUI beta 1 ROM for Commtiva Z71 clones
MIUI beta 1 ROM for Commtiva Z71 clones
MIUI beta 1 ROM for Commtiva Z71 clones
MIUI beta 1 ROM for Commtiva Z71 clones
FEATURES (by Dipesh)

  • Based on official CM7 nightly
  • MIUI themes do work
  • MIUI Camera with all settings working – Explorer, music player, gallery, sound recorder, chargebar (replacement for battery icon), compass
  • MIUI Settings
  • Bravia Engine
  • Compact and page view of status bar
  • Power menu working in compact view
  • Built in highly customizable sms app with separate theme engine
  • MIUI style pop-up notifications
  • DSP manager
  • Timescape ™
  • Modded launcher
  • Many Build.Prop tweaks
  • Fixed MIUI clock
  • Updated Adreno drivers
  • RAM management
  • No need of task killers

BUGS FIXED: (by Dipesh)
  • Battery Bar
  • WiFi and Bluetooth work with .35 kernel
  • No random reboots
  • Perfect Music player
  • Bravia Engine
  • TimeScape™ 3d widgets
  • Better 3D performance
  • Better Auto BackLight
  • Removed Chinese
  • MIUI settings.apk

Please note that this ROM is a beta release. If you are installing and testing it, please do report the bugs in the comments section or directly to Dipesh (though I wouldn’t recommend spamming his inbox with numerous mails/feedback/bugs).

Apr 2, 2012

[Rom 2.3.7] Hfbvm v2.0.0

This one has GO launcher with pre-installed Themes. The only bad thing about go launcher is the space. According to me it is meant for Big screens. The screen is already tiny and it appears even more smaller. But with a few changes it looks just fine. Changing the home screen grid to 5x5 and Drawer grid to 3x3 it actually looks pretty nice. And it has a large support and hence according to me Go launcher is the next best thing. It also has the ICS type organization in App drawer. Has all the features of V.1.3.0


Screen Shots:

[Rom 2.3.7] Hfbvm v1.3.0

The final and stable version. Everything is working and tested.
It has the Default Cyanogen Mod UI . The HeLauncher Gives you the Look of Motoblur, or HTC sense or Touchwiz (Samsung) UI or the plain AOSP.
List of the features:

HeLauncher (AOSP, Samsung, Motorola, HTC)
Sony Walkman Music Player
All In one Facebook (Widget, App and Chat)
Twitter with widget
MI File Explorer
MI Locker
Adobe Flash Player
Clocks from Acer and Sony and HTC
Media Shortcuts
DSP manager
Reduced RAM usage
Lots of governors (I prefer smartass)



The HeLauncher is the original V1.5 which was free and was later pulled off from the market and replaced by HeLauncher2 which is paid. There is absolutely no pirated software.

And yes how could i forget. Special thanks to Cipi and Fagulhas.

Follow me on twitter @Hfbvm_ARF if you like this Rom.

Mar 22, 2012

[APPS] Angry Birds Space

The #1 mobile game of all time blasts off into space!
ALL NEW ANGRY BIRDS GAME FROM ROVIO -- the #1 mobile game of all time blasts off into space!
After a giant claw kidnaps their eggs, the Angry Birds chase it into a wormhole and find themselves floating in a strange new galaxy – surrounded by space pigs! Luckily the Angry Birds have super powers of their own...
Angry Birds Space features 60 interstellar levels on planets and in zero gravity, resulting in spectacular gameplay ranging from slow-motion puzzles to lightspeed destruction. With regular free updates, brand new birds, brand new superpowers, and a whole galaxy to explore, the sky is no longer the limit!

• 60 interstellar levels!
• Regular free updates!
• Brand new birds!
• Brand new superpowers!
• Zero-gravity space adventures!
• Trick shots using planets' gravity!
• Hidden bonus levels!
• Beautifully detailed backgrounds!
Join the global phenomenon as it goes galactic!

Download: Angry Birds Space v100 Android.apk

Mar 20, 2012

[TRICK] Dropbox with +23GB Free Space

• Uninstall any other instances of dropbox (either official or unofficial)
• Install my APK
• Login & wait for the confirmation mail!
• If you haven't received the confirmation mail after 30 minutes, try uninstalling the app, the installing it again and login. BUT, it doesn't work for everyone. Haven't figured out why yet.
• After getting the extra space, you can go back to official dropbox builds (uninstall mine first).

Download: Dropbox_23GB_S4_v2_theos0o.apk

Thanks to theos0o from XDA

Mar 19, 2012

[Apps] Gapps for ICS 2012-03-17

New version of gapps for rom 4

[Rom 2.3.7] Hfbvm v1.0 Beta

This can be considered as a Kang version of the LEWA UI and Cyanogenmod 7.1 aPT v2 ROM. This is in Beta

It has all the goodness of Lewa OS It includes data monitoring, power savings, pop-up SMS notification window showing the text with the reply box, etc. The only thing it doesnt have is the desktop and app drawer as I have replaced it by ADW launcher. Temporarily It has The standalone version of CM 7.1 aPT v2 ROM. But it isnt as fast as i would like it to be.

ADW launcher (New)
MIUI Music (New)
MIUI File Explorer
MI Locker
Angry Birds lockscreen
160 MB Internal Memory Free! (New)

(New) indicates things added/done by me.

Calender, Browser, Gallery etc Swapped. (Replaced with better ones {Trust me})
Pre Installed apps like No-frills cpu control, Rom Manager, Swapper2, Facebook etc.

No auto Brightness
Home option in Settings (Settings.apk need to be worked one. Will take a day or two)
One or two apps need to be removed which arent working
Launcher Needs customisation
Maybe other things

Special thanks to @Fagulhas and @cipi for Their ROM

To Do:

1. De-odex
2. Customize Launcher
3. Add automated V6 supercharger installation
4. Disable Angry birds lock screen
5. You tell me...

Thanks to: hfbvm


Mar 12, 2012

[Rom 2.3.7] LeWa OS based on [MOD] Cyanogenmod 7.1 aPT v2

I have ported the LEWA UI theme and Apps for Cyanogenmod 7.1 aPT v2 preview ROM.

This OS is awesome… It includes data monitoring, power savings, custom and downloadable themes , pop-up SMS notification window showing the text with the reply box, etc.

System is odexed (its fast) and app theme manager for importing the great themes.



Bugs: Problem with Youtube or Google Video

Feb 22, 2012

[Rom 4] Updates...

Hi there, I'm starting new topic to start this ICS porting development for FIH-F0X variant. calling all F0X developers to start develop this device this thread talk about build from CM9 source but I've AOSP project before that I use it to port the touchscreen driver this is history of the release *for demonstration only* AOSP build 05022012 then flash this kernel fix > working touchscreen driver and softkey 02022012 > partially working touchscreen driver, softkey not working *for demonstration only* #PLEASE DON'T MIRROR THESE FILES# not working: - RIL - graphic - sdcard - call/sms - bluetooth - wifi - mic - video - audio - headset - gps - auto rotation sensor - proximity sensor - etc and i think almost all features not working so don't give me a protest about it, and I'll begin the CM9 build from here, maybe cyanogenmod team not support this phone to cm9 as lack of hardware. so so if you have idea to this device please post in here problem: > system partition was too small ~160MB this are my files touchscreen driver :
idc for touchscreen :
keylayout for softkey :

sorry for my disorganized thread original thread :

thanks to:
- tj_style for guidance, touchscreen porting tutorial
- Edgar86 for lastest kernel source
- PJ for device config
- and all people that support this link:

 By ardX

[Rom] Horizon 2.3.7

Base Rom : Cyanogenmod 7 2.3.7 aPT -----> Thanks to aPT team
Kernel : #49 alternative -------- > thanks to Faghulas
Boot Animation : Tifanny SNSD
Boot Sound : Win 7 start up
Splash image : NAC----- > thanks to mastah Sanjaya Hendy Tanjunga
adding some script -----> thanks to mastah Reezqy Eightl-l
application : No frills CpuControl , smart keyboard, screenshoot it , dolphin browser ( all Update version per 22/11/2011 )
Launcher : Xperia ARC Launcher
Camera zoom in : Fixed
Anti gravity : Mode OFF
untouchable : Mode OFF ( tested by Kawuryan Bagaskara )