Apr 19, 2012

[Rom 2.3.7] MyLeWa for Z71 and clones


-tweaked some status bar icons, like battery icon
-auto brightness fixed (*), not 100%.
-added ExDialer, an MiUI style dialer. Simple, smart and fast. I like it, with multilanguage support and some themes, like in screenshoots.
-changed bootanimation.
-update and included: Market, SuperUser, RootExplorer, MIUI weather ...
-Default launcher: Zeam Launcher, it's simple, fast and gesture support.
-dalvik2cache, sd card speed fix, build.prop changed only for better battery life.
-kernel by edgar for better battery life and WiFi drivers from update-cm-7.2.0-RC0-aPT-v2 for better search and stability.

(*) I use "Custom Auto Brightness" app, older that from Market, for me it's better, maybe the author fixes bugs in future.
Read "How to use:" section on Google play for properly settings.

Download app: www64.zippyshare.com/v/76925892/file.html

-when you first setup and entry in Playstore, touch back button, appears window with Backup and Store option, choose next and finish.
-Settings/Performance/Clear memory exceptions, enable LogGraph if you don't want to kill this app (auto brightness) when you touch memory cleanup button on drop-down status bar.
-some options on Settings don't work, it's normal, because I choose to use an alternative Launcher and I delete some apps from LeWa that it's not necessary.

+Test arhive for CRC error.
+How to install:
  1. go to recovery
  2. wipe data/factory reset
  3. install zip from sdcard/choose zip from sdcard
  4. power off
  5. reboot with “Master Reset”

This is the best LeWa that you can get!
Download link: www4.zippyshare.com/v/11382255/file.html


Globber said...

Installed this right away as I had wifi issues with preceding ligux ROM.
So far so good after 20 minutes of usage :-)

Jacksen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jacksen said...

cannot import contacts from SD card :(
don't have any notifications app??
setting-personal-home/themes always FC..

Anonymous said...

can't wake using front keys... any ideas?

Anonymous said...

and no GAPPS sir? didn't found my playstore....

cipi said...

-Use Contact app for importing, but for daily use I like ExDialer&ExContacts
-What "notifications app"???????
-You can not change themes from "setting-personal-home/themes" because I replace original LeWa Launcher and it's normal to get FC. As I said, I've removed some app from original LeWa.

-put different kernel, look on androidpt forum, I don't like front button wake up.
-if Play Store don't appear on first boot, just reboot phone.

Jacksen said...

notifications app..something like ADW launcher notification,EX GO launcher notification..to count how many undread messages,missed calls etc :D

royals said...

no network issue. I had 2.3.5 version and tried to update via using this rom but i lost my imei number and no signal.

cipi said...

@royals put this one with SUTLR (unzip file):
, then flash this ROM.
I think you use one of CML's ROM.

Alex said...

AutoSync is not working, so I can't use GMail, GContacts or GCalendar... :-s

Tarun Kumar Singh said...

auto brightness not good for me
i turn off the screen and turn it on and my phone is lit with minimum brightness

Anonymous said...

can anyone provide stock rom cwm recovery image for moto xt502?? m stuck with bad wifi n battery on cm7.1 .. please someone upload the backup on a reliable site n post the link or mail me as attachment... really really need that to go back to from where i began in order to continue experimenting with all the roms out there,,



crazygangsta said...

cipi da si u add te rog: the_gangsta2000

Gatopardo said...

Excelent version, the battery lasts up to 120 hours in stand by in my motorola xt502. Are there more languages available?

Rui Cambraia said...

Boston: no portuguese (PT) language; did not found any phone service operator (Optimus); didn't like default theme; didn't like general organization either (menus, bars, etc...).

Tommy said...

Operator pop up gone.. I can't check my airtime balance because feedback from the operator never came, can't subscribe to any packages either (internet, call) because it needs the pop up. Other than that, all good and stable

cipi said...

Nothing is perfect ... :)

christian said...

Good job man. Realy like it. 1 month
with no problems. I tought it wount be beter then the ligux but it is

Leandro Costa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leandro Costa said...

After 3 days testing the ROM here is where i think it could improve:

1. Battery life with a intensive Wi-fi use is about 12 hours, under internet plan over 2G its even less.
2. Battery won't charge when connected to the car 12volt lighter output.
3. When we choose in Performance the processor frequency once we restart the device it won't save the option and always returns to 604 Mhz.
4. It would be naice if we could turn of the display in the red key and turn it on on the green.

After all i think it could be a very good ROM if this issues were solved.

Using it under Vodafone Portugal.
Best regards.

christian said...

Having some problems with camera. Zooming makes it fc. Sometimes i Took pictures but they were not saved. Random fc with other programs too.
any updates?

cipi said...

yes, when i have time ...

crazy_heart said...

hi guys.. i want to install this rom but the problem is that i am running firetrap twonights on my xt502, and now i cant get into the download mode, i guess the RED button is not functioning.. is there any other way to get in download mode and instal this good looking rom???


cipi said...

Are you sure that red button doesn't work?
I mean when you want to end an call and use red button, is it working? Or can you awake the phone with red button?
Maybe you don't press correct ...
I can test some ideas but i want to be sure that red button is malfunction.

christian said...

Almost forgot. When I press the green dot to free memory it brigs up the last aplication opened. When i try to close it, it opens the one opened befor. Prety annoing. Should I use task killer instead?

Unknown said...

there's a error bug on Go Launcher Ex once you change theme & go to preference Icons... I got Out of Memory bug.sad bcoz i really like this rom. just the problem when i want to change themes, icons, etc..=(

karan said...

hello friend i was using this rom in my v7500 n it was pretty smooth i like it but as time is passing i m buying micromax a85 AKA ktouch w700/cherry mobile magnum x2, its dual core phone will be glad if any one develop rom for it, plz coz the this site is awesome, just with time i have to go ahead, so plz sombody develop rom for it or add that phone to ur list plz

christian said...

New version on cipinet

gadaffy78 said...

USB debugging is not working, can't connect with my phone explorer, or Droid explorer. anybody? any help? Cipi pls!

cipi said...

Hmmm ... old ROM, anyway on some ROMs I desabled notification on status bar when link phone to USB, for me is useless.
Did you try to activate from settings menu?

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