Apr 3, 2011

[Rom 2.3] Cyanogen MOD 7 for Z71 - RC4+Build 34

CyanogenMOD 7 for Commtiva Z71, Apanda A60, Chinavision  Excalibur, Cincinnati Bell Blaze, Gigabyte Gsmart G1305, Motorola XT502, Muchtel A1, Optimus Boston, Orange Boston, Spice Mi-300, Vibo A688 and Wellcom A88 - official nightly version

Visit the CHANGELOG for a full list of changes and features!"

Nightly version after RC4:
Download: cm_z71_full-34.zip

Google Apps: gapps-gb-20110307-signed.zip

Thank you to EVERYONE involved in Cyanogen! Enjoy!


Unknown said...

don't recomend it ! drains your battery like a hungry lion ... :))
Battery life- max 16 hours regular use.

Unknown said...

better try SUPERBLER 4.2 - much much better !
till cyanogen learns to make a rom that uses less battery . This rom uses battery for nothing really...:))

Unknown said...

I'm not sure if this is only a problem for me, but whenever I use Cyanogen MOD my SIM card is not recognized. Whenever I use another build (Firetrap or Superbler) my camera crashes constantly, and is unusable. Am I the only one with this problem and is there a way to fix it?

Unknown said...

CM7 RC4 Drains battery so bad, headphones plug wont go, Tried with Audiofix, not working at all... Sigh.
Will try SuperAOSP asap.

Unknown said...

1. Sim card not working for me with firetrap.
2.Camera not working for me with firetrap.
3.Everything works with superbler 4.2 and good battery life .
4.Cyanogen battery life -16hours
Superbler 4.2 battery life- >32 hours
SO , get superbler 4.2 :)

Unknown said...

Thanks ozgurkan, I will try 4.2. Wish me luck... :)

Unknown said...

Of course SuperBler is better, but you go backwards with it, I mean its Froyo (the best I could test, btw) but if you wanna go for some Gingerbread just stay away from CM7, runs pretty good yeah but the battery life & headphone bugs sucks big time.

Lets give a try to SuperAOSP Beta.
Otherwise, SuperBler 4.2 or Jellybean are the answers.

Unknown said...

Seems theres an speedy to RC4.1 for headphone fix.
Will try it later.

Anonymous said...

1. Put the cyanogen RC02 with SUT... you will find that on this blog

2. Download SuperAosp 2.8. (also on this blog)

3. download cyanogen RC4 ( yes, also on this blog)

4. take out from 2.8 SuperAosp archive the boot.img file and copy into the archive Gingerbread Cyanogen RC4.

5. Instal the RC4 modified by you by recovery console

6. wipe , and be happy that your Boston Orange run on Gingerbread cyanogen which lasts and lasts and lasts ... ... ..

Unknown said...

@wtfro, thanks dude already done.
But no need to Flash RC02, I did it right on the RC4.
Battery performance looks better now (much better) so now lets wait for that speedy fix for the headphones issue.


Shweitank said...

i am using CM7 RC4 & really need to install superAOSP as i need a good battery backup. can anyone please tell me in detail how to do it?

@wtfro, please explain 4th & 5th step in your last comment.

amit said...

Hi wtfro,

Can you please tell me what is cyanogen RC02 with SUT? Is it a SUT 1.7 software or something else. I tried find out cyanogen RC02 with SUT but unable to find the on this blog if you can provide me excat link that will be help full.

Also let me know how to install it do i need to install using clockmode recovery or install update.zip or i have follow any other steps if yes please provide steps.

I m using SPICE MI 300 With Phantom king-sky fish.

Thanks in advance

Unknown said...

Shweitank & amit.
If you're getting confused about wtfro method (very well explained, btw) you could use it mine:
Download CM7 RC4.
Flash it.
Download SuperAOSP.
Extract kernel from inside the zip.
Flash it with Fastboot.

At least it worked for me, I dont know each specific case, but you could give it a try.

Anonymous said...

you are right but the clean way to install cyanogen is with flash version

@shweitank & @amit please enter here


an translate it with google translate in your native language, or let a comment there to send to you a better description on email because the discusion can become to long. Thanks for understanding me.

amit said...

@ Santiago you mean to say i first need to flash RC 4 using clockmode recovery and then using sdk or terminal i have to flash with fastboot.

is that correct????

Thanks for replying

Unknown said...

@lado leave a comment here about superbler 4.2
good luck not burning ur phones :P

Unknown said...

@amit, yeah thats what i've done.
*Flash RC4 with Clockworkmod Recovery (as any other zipped ROM)
*Wipe cache & dalvik.
*Then flash the extracted SuperAOSP's (2.8) kernel using Fastboot tool (enter fastboot mode, then flash using flash boot.img command, (there are several guides on How-to-do over the net).
*Good luck.

Lawliet said...
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Unknown said...

@wtfro good idea boot.img is a kernel, using SuperAOSP kernel means increase your battery life. this is a perfect rom at the time

Unknown said...

@ozgurkan I will leave a comment as soon as I try it. Yesterday, I had to fix my girlfriend's laptop so no time for my second love... my phone! ;)

'AL' said...

has the camera issue been solved!!

Anonymous said...

@wtfro: very good tip, thank you!

amit said...

@wtfro And Santiago

Thanks a lot. I have flashed my phone with superaosp and Cyanogen Build its good combination battery and android 2.3 with lots of features.

Thanks again

Unknown said...

@amit glad to hear about your success dude, now enjoy!

BTW: stay tuned about SuperAOSP, cause next week there will be good news ;)

Rprice said...

How long is the battery life?

Unknown said...

@Rprice About 24 hours for daily use

Shankar Gupta said...

Hi Amit and Santiago,

Could you please let us know detailed steps and software required to apply superAOSP kernel.

Thanks in advance.

Gaurav said...

@shankar: Arey shankar, kitni detail chahiye bhai? :p

1. Make a backup of your CM7 zip file.
2. Open both zip files(SuperAOSP and CM7).
3. Drag and drop boot.img from superAOSP to CM7.
4. Close both files.
5. Flash the modified CM7 via recovery.
6. Enjoy :-)

Gaurav said...

@santiago: I'm using SuperAOSP beta, and it's got all CM7 features, but more stable and with better battery. Is the final version gonna be released next week? Can't wait! ;-)

Unknown said...


Can I asked u something? after u drag and drop the booth.img on CM7, do u zip that folder again? just to make sure.

Coz, after I saw the explanation above, I'm really interesting about it. Especially when @Anggit said about the battery life can last up to 24 hour

And after that, what I do need is just to flash that modified ROM from ROM manager, right?

Need detail explanation about this part...

Thanks all

Unknown said...

@Gaurav Not the final but seems that an RC is coming.

Gaurav said...

@britbike: when you drag and drop files to or from a zip archive, you're modifying it directly. Say, If you open an archive and delete a file, you'll delete it for good. No, you do not zip that folder again. You're not unzipping it in the first place. Open both ZIP files (in WinRAR or something).

Shankar Gupta said...


I have some restricted net bandwith and not able to download the SuperAOSP due to restriction.
Could someone please provide me boot.img file only of SuperAOSP to flash? Either upload somewhere or mail me at ocp.shankar@gmail.com.

Thanks in advance.

amit said...

@ Santiago That's a relay a good news thanks for update. I will stay tuned

Shweitank said...
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