Apr 12, 2011

[ROM 2.2.3] Android Bakpia Kacang ijo with Modified Kernel@ 864 Mhz

Android Version : Android Froyo 2.2.2 Code Name : Android Bakpia 2.2.3 - Kacang Ijo *sense* Based : Foxconn FIH-FOX @PJMod Droidsans beta 2 Kernel Linux : Mod) Official Foxconn Kernel Processor : Max 864Mhz with Conservative and Performance scaling (Under volted processor) for better stability and battery Life. Support App2SD Dalvik Cache2SD Dark Tremor Skript JIT enable GPS Config Fast Lock Satelit VPN support include module tun.ko Block Ads Google Keyboard : Gingerbread Bootsplash : Bakpia 3 Booot Animation : Bakpia 3 Betray Indicator : Black Ring (skala 10%) Themes + Icon : Bakpia Sense UI + IOS Launcer : Launcer Pro Sense UI Font : Ubuntu Sound Startup : KDE login File Manager : FileManager & RootExplorer Animation : full flip anim Power on Screen : Call + Hang up Language : Bahasa Indonesia & Language support for 40 languages in world.

Apps : Fancy Widget Google Maps 5+ OpenVPN AutoRun Manager Apn Asisten CarHome Prey Quick System Info InkPad Facebook 2.5 SMS & MMS : Go SMS Quick Office Music Player : SongBirds

kernel Modified By Akhil Kumar( Team Boston)

With this ROM you can run the phone at Full 864 Mhz! Even Under volting the processor helped to Conserve battery life!

Bugs:- Music Player Might not work with existing MP3 File's! backup and format the sd make the App2SD partion and then put all your music it will work then!

Special Thank's to Radithux,PJMOD,TJ Style.


Unknown said...

i fail to use previous version of this rom, it still stuck at the boot splash even i try to apply what radithux said, i hope this rom fix it

Milan said...

death link! please upload again

akhil said...

@nalim: The link is proper!! Try to download again.

Android said...

The problem is not with the link, it is with the service provider "uploading.com". It is not reliable, the download almost always fails half way through. Hate uploading.com :(

KiraCEW said...

Change the download link , Hope someone can give some review of this rom compare to phantom evo

krishna zaki said...

dear however who run and maintain this blog...

please check the kernel signature... i believe that PJMOD ROM is using Andro-ID kernel from tj_style. and i think PJMOD has already give a credit to tj_style and Andro-ID team for the kernel.

everybody knows that build kernel from scratch is not easy... so at least please give a credit and respect to the developers...

singkatnya... KEHED SIAH!

K.J said...

@krishna zaki. absolutely right. this is kernel from brem (androd-id 2.0) i see more similiar like brem then other. kernel PJ_MOD was using tj_style kernel (andro-id developer)CMIIW

Tarun Kumar Singh said...

how is this rom?
and can it be installed without making a ext3 partition??
plz reply

vaserbanix said...

radithux: hou can I change battery scale to 1%
this I have a better control of battery consumption?
Any way GOOD JOB!!

akhil said...

@ everyone:- Guy's Just listen this Kernel is not used in android brem!! How the hell did you think it is from that :X I am just boiling out by the comment's! It is from the Official Foxconn ROM 2.2!! Which Is modified by out team member who had worked on tj_style(indonesian developer).

@ krishna:- You check that out again it's not from android brem!the overclock capability in Brem is 868Mhz.. F*** You are testing my patience i modified the kernel. And i am a cyanogen MOD TESTER Here!!!! I test rom's even before you guys use it and the admin of this page know's it! there are 4 authors on this page and i dont want to disclose who they are but popular names like phantom are involved. and we are making an website soon! (Leaked info) :D

akhil said...

@ vasile:- Sorry For now the limit is 10% we need to work on that it's hard because it's in the core of the kernel! So need time to do that! But will soon release a cyanogen mod with Kernel fused with the cyanogen modules so that you can still enjoy the cyanogen feature's!

Unknown said...

GUYS !!!!!!!
1. i used all roms on the internet
2. 80% suck!
4.because they only add a little performance and destroy battery life and any OS stability
5.only stable ROMs - Phantom Evo , superbler and original rom
6.this roms have NO,or fewer bugs then other roms
7. why waste time with all this roms that only give u headacke ?
8. Bye bye :)

vaserbanix said...

this is a GOOD news!!!! for me and for others like me!
Thanks, I just waiting it

Unknown said...

- how is the battery with this rom ??

akhil said...

@Ozgur :- Nice!! yeah i agree... even me being a ROm developer and tester can say they are lot's of bugs in the firmware patched but not repaired!! :P
They are just hidden and come out when a certain application comes into play! But still we make our best to make a rom perfect. it's like polishing a dull diamond!

akhil said...

Sorry Guys Download link cant be changed the admin opts for uploading.com.. :(

Unknown said...

@Akhil - u are wise :P

in my opinion bugs aren't so bad as long as they appear in certain combinations with apps and stuff
1.Be stable(as a stock ROM)
2.Faster than stock ROM(multitasking etc)
3.Only usefull apps installed - i noticed that aprevious Bakpia ROM was full of useless apps ...
4.Very good battery life
5.Customised by themes etc

Unknown said...

very curious in trying this rom...but i'm afraid about battery life ...phantom evo reaches 50 hours with internet and stuff...so

waiting for an opinion

akhil said...

@ Ozgur:- Thank's :P yeah you are right but we must take a point that bakpia is developed by indonesian so he had put many indonesian apps usefull for them but useless for other's :) But even making a theme engine for a rom is hard as it is mostly responsible for bugs like crashing apps!
But i can have a try on a 2.2 ROM! I guess it wont support the t-mobile theme engine so we can apply themes like in cyanogen

Soory ozgur:- battery life is 28 hour's with heavy wifi and and medium calls and light 2G usage. i didnt test it on 3G yet! I can say it is decent as these figures are all based on 864Mhz Full time!

Unknown said...

well i'm interesed in 2,5 hours of wifi max, medium use, 30 mins calls and messaging.
can i get 40-50 hours?

I produce music and someone told me : YOU'LL MAKE BETTER MUSIC WHEN YOU'LL PRODUCE FOR THE BIG MASSES, NOT necesarally WHAT YOU LIKE .
I AGREE THAT THIS IS MADE for indonesian people, but you'll be more appreciated when ur ROM will match people needs all over the world :)

akhil said...

@ozgur... Yoy can get about 38 hours max with that usage......bakpia and other roms are no match for phantom in battery.......phantom is just an another aspect......i respect him......i even like his roms I am soon going to work on his kernel and increase performance to 868 mhz...

Android said...

Tried to update from Bakpia Keju 2.2.2 600Mhz on SPICE MI 300 with 16GB SD card partioned as 256MB Swap and SDext 2GB and remaining FAT. I had Wiped data, cache, Dalvik cache.

The rom update in SUT 1.7LR, with option (Erase user data) fails with the error

Error Code: 0xf626
Error: Task 2 of 3 Download image
Error = QPD_ERROR_ARMPRG_hello_tBUFFER(0xF626)

Downloaded this ROM twice! and tried again with the same result.

Any Ideas?

K.J said...

whatever you say. this rom is just a blended rom. nothing more better then other. i think cyanogen mods tester don`t act like a baby boy.

Android said...

The issue is now finally resolved. Wasted half a day for this.
The culprit is the download server uploading.com. After three times download of 197.5MB file I got the full file.

Uploading.com is very flaky and totally unreliable

TJ said...

The root of this problem is since Radhitux (developers of bakpia) does not give credit to the developers from android.pt (Firetrap).
Firetrap angry and stated that rom of bakpia is ripping from him, without a credit to him.
We as Indonesian developer are also deeply regrets that.
and finally radhitux apologize and also give credit to the firetrap.

But when flph using Andro-ID kernel for rom Phantom, no credit at all given to me.
and instead stated "this is opensource, no need to ask permission or give credit to the maker"

that's what makes us so arrogant, does that rule of them (flph and Firetrap)?

The rule:
if someone is using their resources, then that person must give credit to them.
but if they use the resources of others so they do not have to give credit.

like that?

Me is just a newbie, just the developers wanna be ..
not a great developer like rmcc and CML, And also Akhil Kumar the Cyanogenmod developer (sorry, I mean Tester).

But I never through anything like this when I developed a rom Huawei ideos.
all developers give each other resource and give credit when using the resources of others as a sign of respect for what has been created by someone else.

I honestly also use warez application but I have never distribute it with my rom, as I do appreciate that application makers.

I as a developer of the Andro-ID deeply regrets this and I even stopped to develop rom for f911 devices.
Because I can't follow the "rule" is.
I also have uploaded FIH kernel source device to my github account.
so all the developers of the f911 can use it without having to give credit or permission.

I choose to start developing other devices, where the developer of mutual respect (I Hope).

so, please stop all this..
do not ever talk about this issue anymore.
I'm so sorry for my arrogant actions.
And if after this there are still discussing and angry about the credit to WHO?
it's not from our team.

TJ Style
Member of Andro-ID Team.

Unknown said...

Everything is working good except I am unable to upload any new photos to Facebook. Do I need to format the SD card? Do I also need to partition it? What values(space) should I use for each one?

terminate79 said...

Good work guyz... i like this rom.. work perfect with me. thx.. :)

Sando said...

I like this ROM a lot.
Anyway, I have a little problem... when the rotation sensor is activated and I hold my Boston horizontally it's displayed upside down. both left directions...

did anyone experience the same problem? and most important: Does anyone know how to fix it?

Unknown said...

I have a problem with loading pictures in GALLERY 3D, phone say ( pictures is loading ) but pictures are not visible, Has someone this problem ?

Aing said...

this is cool,,
alus njiing :)

Tennyleaz said...

My phone also stuck at the boot screen!

Neelabh said...

I am not able to see any of the clicked photo or screenshots in gallery. Can someone please help?

Shankar Gupta said...

Hell All,

I have updated my Spice MI-300 and facing problem(s):

Yes correct Problems:
1) Not able to connect with my data connection. I lost all APN settings.

2) GPS is not working at all.

3) Picture album not loading any prvious files, however new pics with camera are being uploaded in the album.

Any solution or workaround???


dientu28 said...

My Nexian A890 phone could not get success. It was stuck at logo splash even though I wiped everything.
Any suggestion for my problem would be highly appreciated!

dientu28 said...

The problem finally was solved. After flash the ROM, need to partition sdcard to make booting succeeds.

amir2798 said...

Can CSL Spice Mi300 support 2.2.3?

Hope said...

@Firemp3s: I have same problem, gallery not load old picture, but video files is show correctly.

ekosat said...

i m dissapointed with this ROM... back to the Bakpia Keju 2.2.2...

That Keju sounds better for me...

Juned A890

Unknown said...

THis ROM For Spica...?

androiddylan said...

I am testing this rom right now and see what I will come up with but I am hopeful for more pros than cons.

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