Apr 6, 2011

[2.2.3] Android Bakpia Kacang Ijo With Sense UI

Android Version : Android Froyo 2.2.2
Code Name : Android Bakpia 2.2.3 - Kacang Ijo *sense*
Based : Foxconn FIH-FOX @PJMod Droidsans beta 2
Kernel Linux :
Processor : Max 600MHz
Support App2SD
Dalvik Cache2SD
Dark Tremor Skript
JIT enable
GPS Config Fast Lock Satelit
VPN support include module tun.ko
Block Ads Google
Keyboard : Gingerbread
Bootsplash : Bakpia 3
Booot Animation : Bakpia 3
Betray Indicator : Black Ring (skala 10%)
Themes + Icon : Bakpia Sense UI + IOS
Launcer : Launcer Pro Sense UI
Font : Ubuntu
Sound Startup : KDE login
File Manager : FileManager & RootExplorer
Animation : full flip anim
Power on Screen : Call + Hang up
Language : Bahasa Indonesia & Language support workers in 40 world

Added Apps :
Fancy Widget
Google Maps 5+
AutoRun Manager
Apn Asisten
Quick System Info
Facebook 2.5
Quick Office
Music Player : SongBirds
WigetLock Screen (optional)

Home Screen 
Apps & Setting Icon IOS

Lock Screen standart + "WidgetLocker" (optional) & Notification Area 


Thanks to radithTux


Mysterious Boy said...

was waiting for this rom eagerly :)

Aevum Dicessio said...

me too.. will download tonight n test.. i guess will be a good compeitor to the phantom evolution rom..

raditeputut said...

thanks for this posting :) - http://radithtux.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

stuck in bootscreen

raditeputut said...

struck on the boot screen solution : wipe data factory reset, wipe cache, & wipe dalvick

Unknown said...

thx :)

crazygangsta said...

for apps 2 sd must create an ext partition???

Elias said...

the link not working?

Terence said...

how do I install this through SUT or clockwork?

Unknown said...

still stuck on the boot after all possible wipes

Unknown said...

did all radiththux said .. still stuck on boot screen :(


i downloaded the file and have extracted,but...can someone tell me how can i install this ROM with "tar_2" file type??

hitler said...

everyone hold on, don't flash this rom. It can't start up. It stuck at fisrt boot screen.

matis said...

Slovak language ? or czech ?

Android said...

Upgraded to Bakpia 2.2.3 from Bakpia Keju 2.2.2 on a Spice MI 300.
* factory reset,
* cleared data,
* wiped data
* wiped dalvik cache

Wifi: identified wifi network and connected to wifi network, however, cannot connect to internet.
Gps: Not working
Maps: Force close
Dialer: Hangs :(
All three lights(green,red and power) glows(system is hung) :(

Keju 2.2.2 was far better, in terms of stability, reliability. Nice effort by Radithux, but needs to fix these issues

monis said...

stuck on boot screen.
not working
did every thing wipe factory reset , catch ,dalvik catch still not working.

vaserbanix said...

must doo a new partition!ext=swap=fat
after that wil boot

Elias said...

stuck at boot screen did wipe factory reset,catch,dalvik

vaserbanix said...

I tested all!
and all worcks good!
like I sad: do a new partitions after that follow tha steps of radithtux.............
si pe romaneste: faceti partitie noua(sdext-swap-fat) dupa care urmati pasii enumerati de radithtux
gps merge
wifi merge
a2sd merge
toate merg

Unknown said...

battery life anyone ??? is it good or bad?

Aevum Dicessio said...

Flashed the ROM in recovery mode in SUTLR (camera + vol up + power)
sdext-swap-fat done as @vasile said.
all cache and data cleared.
Boot Successful
Working like charm
GUI is very luxurious and soothing.
Going to test battery now, then will check quadrant scores.

Aevum Dicessio said...

ext - 256MB
swap - 32MB

Tarun Kumar Singh said...

cant it be started without creating new partition??
i dont want to create a partition
nd if i make a partition how to remove that partition?

Unknown said...

Guys, how u installed this ROM? Via ROM manager? Or SUT/RUT?
I just want to make sure which way that i must choose. And how's the battery life? Coz as all we knew, batt life is the most biggest problem in CM Rom (but it's personal opinion)

Actually this ROM (bakpia) is quite insteresting, but i need to make sure about the "stuck in boot screen" things.

Need detail on this part..
Anyway,thx to Adit for share this ROM.

Use nexian journey w/ CM7 build 19 update..right now..

Unknown said...

how about battery, how long?
I using rom jelly bean and if just call and messaage it can be 3d

Aevum Dicessio said...

@britbike - U have to use SUT. Battery drain is 10% in 9hrs for me on first day usage, I expect that to increase a bit after the phone stabilises with no more apps installation.
Didn't risk with stuckin bootscreen, so i made a backup of sdcard in comp and then made the partitions. Note that, while making partitions your existing partitions will automatically removed and your SDCard will be formatted completely.
dialpad is a lil laggy as it has T9 search of contacts integrated. Go SMS comes along with it. GPS is working good.
One issue am not able to come across is am not able to add faceboot account to the phone and hence not able to sync my contacts with FB, is someone else facing this issue as well?

raditeputut said...

After I checked found small bugs in Bakpia Kacang Ijo, Bugs and paves the way bootlooping bootsplash Struck during the first installation. Bakpia Kacang Ijo Basically this is App2sd feature enabled, so required a partitioned EXT3 partition different from the data storage with FAT32 format. The solution for these bugs is to make EXT3 and FAT32 partitions through the Recovery Mode or format the partition EXT4 (who are already using EXT4) to EXT3 using existing applications on Linux or Windows.

How to format the partition from the Recovery Mode
1. Backup all data in the sdcard
2. Turn off your mobile phones
3. Sign in Recovery Mode - [(volume up) + (camera) + (power)]
4. Login Advanced menu -> Partititon SDCard
5. Select large EXT3 partition (512MB)
6. Select a large swap partition (128MB)
7. Wait until finished repartitioning
8. after the partition is complete and activate App2SD sdcard Generic
9. Generic A2SD Enable - yes
10. Back (hangs up)
11. Reboot the system
13. Wait until the entry bootanimation and you can use Bakpia Kacang Ijo

Thank you for Bugs Report on Bakpia Kacang Ijo :D

Bugs FIX Bakpia Kacang Ijo -- http://radithtux.blogspot.com/2011/04/bugs-fix-android-bakpia-kacang-ijo.html

Aevum Dicessio said...

large swap partition?? but that in turn will slow down the performance of the ROM !

Hugo said...

Good afternoon.
I discovered that this rom images that I put the SD card does not go see the cell phone.

monis said...

nice rom every thing working fine so far.
i am using 8gb calss 4 memory card, can u tell me
128mb swap will work fine or should i try smaller swap like 32mb or without swap. thank you.

Unknown said...

anyhow to use the default froyo lockscreen?

Unknown said...

is their anyone know how to flash this rom in linux ?


is their any alternative tool like SUTLR tool for linux ?

now my OS is linux....pls help me

Aevum Dicessio said...

@monis - I had made the partition before radithtux commented. I currently have 32MB swap and my phone and applications are running smooth. If u or anyone has larger swap pl tell how its going on?

monis said...

@ Aevum Dicessio
i think 128mb catch is little slow because my sdcard is class 4. now i am also back on 32mb swap
and back to phantom evaluation rom.

Aevum Dicessio said...

@monis - yes I too was about to download the latest evolution rom but that is tagged old now , which means new phantom ROM is coming. I am waiting for that now. One thing i didnt like in this ROM was the dark notification area. Any sms comes or alert its black on dotted grey black, really difficult to read fast

Bueller said...

One of the worst ROM's, almost wasted around 3 hrs without any success.

firstme said...

can't open image file ".JPG"

Neptunex3 said...

finally i could manage to bootup my phone.....but there are few more issues...

1. Gallery is not showing everything on the SD card...bunch of images are missing..i don't know how to solve?
2. 3G network speed becomes low....the same sim card work well with my other 3g phones...
3. i installed 'caveir dreams' font using 'font changer'....again my phone stuck at boot logo...i had to reinstall the entire rom...
4. little slow compare with previous bakpia rom...
5. initially i thought...this rom themed entirely to give Sense UI look...but little disappointment after i get to know its just a sense launcher of LP......i have a rom which is like sense UI...

thanks for sharing with us...

Nick said...

Nice ROM radithtux. Needs improvements though. I'd like the contacts to sync with Facebook, any way to do that.

Vijay said...

Good effort by Radithux for a new sense UI, However, the ROM needs to fine tuned and several bugs needs to fixed before it can be used in production.
The ROM 2.2.3 is bit slower than keju on Spice MI-300, and is NOT quite stable, hangs every now and then while launching (random) apps. These issues needs to be addressed.
Bakpia ROMS are known to be issue free and are quite stable. I am dissapointed with this ROM :( .

Till then I will stick with Keju 2.2.2, which is rock solid :)

free style said...

anybody help i done to flash this rom but touchscreen no response can't touch but the button is function what the problem

Unknown said...

Great ROM, everything is working just fine.
Wi-fi *
SD-ext *
Battery life *
16h by now and only 20% of battery has drain.
Awesome job!
The only thing that i couln't done by now, is connecting with the facebook account.
Thank you radithux!

Enosh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Enosh said...

can anybody give me full step to flash this rom?

Muhammad Hammam said...

does this include indonesian language pack?or just the menu on indonesian?

Rajesh Kakkar said...

Just a small tip to @Vijay & others who are dissatisfied with performance of this ROM. You can download SD Speed Boos from market & set the speed to MAX. This ROM will fly on you phone.

Vijay said...


Thanks for the tips. I already have SD_increase set to 4K. It doesnot look like it is related to SD speed :( . Its much more than that.
All I can say from my experience is that Bakpia 2.2.3 has Nice set of features. However, it(Not hurting anyone)just qualifies for a BETA release and some issues needs to be fixed :(

Keju 2.2.2 is like a cake :).

alex said...

How can I add a new mp3 ringtone? Tried to put the file in /mnt/sdcard/ringtones, and in /mnt/sdcard/media/audio/rintones and nothing appears in settings->sound>ringtones.

0ppp9 said...

I had to create de partitions to work. Looks nice and working on my Boston but using the flashlight is not possible! :(

kihos@p said...

Calendar synchronization does not appear as option in the features of the Google account, is there anything to fix it?

Abhinav said...

sir please can u explain the whole process of flashing this rom thankz

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