Jan 12, 2011

[Rom 2.3] Cyanogen MOD 7 RC0 for Z71 - Build 12/01/2011

New Build from 12th January 2011

- Better Battery consumption
- ...

Just for testing!!!

Download: update-cm-7.0.0-RC0-20110112-Z71-BostonMania-signed.zip

Thanks to CyanogenMod Developers Team!!


Unknown said...

Still not work with XT502...
Hangup all around...unstable...rom


mtim said...

flash any 2.1 (not 2.2) with SUT LR
after that
flash Cyanogen MOD 7

All works

Random Forest Project said...

Everything Work but I can't take a photo by Camera 360 and 3D Graphics fail.

Unknown said...

3D graphics not work !!!

Housam Shehata said...

@misko Hey please dont complain about things that are not working. As cyanogen has mentioned these are only for tesing purposes, they are not fully functional!! so dont go reporting bugs

Housam Shehata said...

@misko ive noticed thats all what you do around this blog, just complain and wine, if you need help with something just ask, people will help you, but atleast appreciate thier efforts!

Unknown said...

What is wrong with reporting bugs?
People trying it out and reporting problems save time for me. If I see a lot of bugs reported, I might choose to skip even trying that particular build.
Problem reports might not do anything for the developer at that stage, but might help other users to make a decision about trying the build.
IMHO, knowing about issues ahead of time is very good.

Unknown said...

is there a problem flashing this mode, if i have now Official Foxconn Rom 2.2,not rooted?

Unknown said...

it's a nice mod..but i can not connect to network operator (error while searching for networks) and the WiFi does not work properly (with the official apanda 2.2 ROM i could connect to a W-router, that now i can't, and i have to go about 4-5 meters closer, that means i have to get out of the apartment to get connected (this really sucks) )
i'll go back to official rom.

disaster85 said...
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disaster85 said...

Update 2.3 only after 2.1 !!! After 2.2 GSM will not work !!!

Unknown said...

^^^ I flashed from 2.2. Didnt make any difference. I am on GSM. Most things are working. (Mi300)

The SD card unexpectedly removed notification pops up when the phone's not been woken up for long periods(~2hrs+)

Music, Camera everthing's fine. Simply updated this build from the 8th jan build which was updated from the 4th jan build. (so no need to reinstall programs)

Bug I've found so far - 2g-3g button in notification widget bar doesnt work. Its seems impossible to access ONLY 3g network while its okay accessing either 2g/3g network.

Didnt notice any difference in battery drain.

GAMES - NFS shift doesnt work in 7.0 (while it used to work in 6.2.1). HAWK works quite well in 7.0.

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