Jun 13, 2011

[Rom 2.3.4] CyanogenMod #102 (Leaked & Optimized) Build-Sandy

Here again Is the Optimized Version of the CyanogenMOD 7. There are many things added Including lag-free scripts for a few game’s etc! Below is the Changelog
Change’s including Warlock
-Include’s cyanogen fixes!
-Removed DATA2SD Due to a bug in the Kernel will fix in few day’s!
-Optimized Script for NFS Shift
-Optimized Speed
-SuperAOSP Kernel RC2 with Better Wifi Stability
-786 Mhz Overclock Stable With VoltTweak in Kernel
-And A Few other’s
-Optimized for MDPI Theme’s ( You can find them here)
-De-Odexed and Zipaligned all apk’s
-Added New UI
- Added Maps Ownhere(worldwide Navigation)
- Added Bash Scripts
- BT audio.conf tweaks
- new libpixelflinger arm optimizations
- permission revoking feature optimized
-Added Chainfire 3D Driver’s.(If they dont work please download the application from below and then click upgrade or install driver’s) U will Notice lot of difference in 3D animation’s!
-Some 3D games lag (8 in my list)
-ADW Launcher Stuck’s!! But it is native…. download LauncherPro!
- And just a few small prob’s!
Battery Life:-
You wont believe it equals to the battery life of Phantom when wi-fi not used! it’s gave me around 2 days….. with 2G on and some calls and text messages and 2-3 song’s on headphone’s!
ROM Download HERE
ChainFire 3D Driver’s HERE


Paulo said...

I'm thinking buy a optimus boston.

What is the best ROM to install on him?


0012 said...

such a very good blog for me , keep it-up.
thanks to share your idea
for spice mi-300 and z71

Badblock said...

how to install it??? :-O

vinod said...

you can install using recovery mod

i am using past two day its working fine except once its restarted while playing the video.

martin said...

@akhil: i can't accessing your web, it seems has been blocked :(

groovepeppy said...

You wont believe it equals to the battery life of Phantom when wi-fi not used! it’s gave me around 2 days….. with 2G on and some calls and text messages and 2-3 song’s on headphone’s!

try to use the internet connection and it will start to show you the battery hog behaviour, browsing in the edge drains my battery more than 10% in just about 5 minutes of browsing thru some forum.

Not good enough sadly :(

KAKA20979 said...

it's no problem with usb thetering? or still asking a z71 driver like latest CM7 version?

mittim said...

How to install the 3D driver?

KAKA20979 said...

i try to flash Apanda Official ROM first with SUTLR before flashing this ROM, then i try to flash "Spice_Mi-300_2.3.4_Build-Sandy-Signed.zip" with Clockwork Recovery,but.....after flashing this rom, bootanimation just looping, how to flash this ROM with the right way?

Peter said...
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Peter said...

@KAKA20979: I encountered the same problem of yours. I took off the battery and reboot. Then everything is fine.

KAKA20979 said...

@peter: i already release the battery and put on back and reboot, then bootanimation still looping again, would you give me the right way to reflashing this rom?

KAKA20979 said...

@peter: if you succeed to flash this rom, does this rom asking the driver when activate usb tethering ?

S.line said...

You need create ext parition on SD

KAKA20979 said...

@S.LINE: Create an sd-ext partition? Yes I Did.... i've Official Rom Apanda 2.2 before flash this ROM and already rooted before im flashing Clockwork Recovery( download from Rom Manager for flash Clockwork or manually flash Clockwork from fastboot mode, i've try both of thats way before flashing "Spice_Mi-300_2.3.4_Build-Sandy-Signed.zip", but it was same problem )

Unknown said...

wtf battery drain in standby .the biggest largest fuckest ass hole problem in all cyanogen mod.

syidisma said...

i cannot use my network..
it show "no signal"..somebody help...

MiteshPC said...

I faced several reboots a day specially when the system would go to ask FC/Wait question for programs. The performance seems to be fine, but the reboots makes me change from this ROM to another.

deep vats said...

i also face the network google android application developmentproblem and i don't know the show the error?

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