Nov 8, 2010

CyanogenMod 6 Rom 2.2 for Z71 - nightly build

How to install nightly Rom and Recovery

1) Get the "RomManager" app from market
2) In "RomManager" select "Flash ClockworkMod Recovery"
3) Select "Commtiva Z71" phone (compatible with Boston and clones)
4) Copy the rom  and the Gapps file to sdcard
5) In "RomManager" select "Install ROM from sdcard" and choose the Rom file
6) Select "Install ROM from sdcard" and choose the Google Apps file (opcional)

What you need
- Z71, Boston or clone with Android Rom 2.1 w/root
- Rom Manager
- ROM update file 08/11/2010 Build ( new build every night)
   new build15 -> 15/11/2010

- Goggle Apps MDPI -

Thanks to Fagulhas (


Fagulhas said...

I'm fagulhas from , instead of copying half of the post here and give people no support, at least give a proper link to our website and tell people that the rom is being discussed there.

Ricardo P. said...


termoflua said...

Fagulhas, because I've a lot of views per day and If you want to post some article here, I could get a little help... termoflua at

vibhor said...

Termoflua/Fagulhas - I use both androidpt and boston-mania.Androidpt is an excellent forum for optimus boston.However,boston mania is also a very good source of "compiled" information for this fone.However, i will agree with Falgulhas, Boston Mania should always quote the source of information in the articles.

Soulwave Yap said...

for Motorola Greco(XT3) user :
-Before you proceed, kindly copy the Rom to your root of SD card and rename it to
-Please take note that your contacts and message will be erase. backup your contacts to your email account and use sms n2 manager to backup your sms.

1)You must make sure your Greco is root ( find Universal Androot )
2)Install ROM Manager and Flash the Clockwork recovery but after tat do not install direct from the menu.
3) go to recovery mode ( Press Power Button while holding Vol up Button + Camera Button)
4) use vol up or down, scroll to the " install zip from sdcard " and press Cam Button to enter
5)press Cam button again on "apply"
6) Press ok to let it start flashing the ROM
7) if you see the progress bar is moving, that means it is started already.
8) once done, reboot
9) if you success, you will be able to see the CyanogenMod Loading screen.
If you stuck at the Motorola blinking load screen, dont worry. Below is the solution to it :
1) boot into recovery mode again
2) this time select wipe all data and cache
3) after that, reboot your device
4) this time for sure you can load successfully :) enjoy ^^

Pedro said...

Thanks Fagulhas and team :D

- said...

It's not working with CMLEclair 1.2.. Which ROM version can I use?

CG said...

when i try to select "" doesn't make staying just on that screen...but i can go back to the main menu...any ideea of what to do

Soulwave Yap said...

for ur case, re-flash ur clockwork recovery again. it should be working :) i 1st time do also like tat, hanging at the screen which u stated. but after i re-flash the recovery,den use my method, i m able to do it :)

Ming said...

I use CMLEclair 1.3
also can't working
so what rom can use , TKS ?

Soulwave Yap said...

hav u rooted ? u need to use universal Androot to help u root ur android phone. search it on market or applanet. den u try it again

Soulwave Yap said...

just an update for u all :) I have benchmark with quadrant. With this cyanogenmod on my motorola Greco , my score is 859 marks, with a winning over Samsung Galaxy S xD

CG said...

but i'm not using rom manger, because is not recognising my the flash ClockworkMod recovery founds only dell streak and some other two phones....but not my boston

Soulwave Yap said...

download the latest rom manager n u will be able to choose "Commtiva Z71" tis one is support boston n the rest. but still, u need to rooted it 1st. go download Universal Androot to root it.

brad said...

put clockwork mod recovery v2.5.1.1 tried to update to cyanogenmod 6 from zip. now stuck on cmleclair start screen old rom. rom update tool no longer seeing phone any help please or is it bricked

termoflua said...

Boot it in Recovery mode and Wipe all data.
Should work

brad said...

wiped data factory reset install zip installing update zip cyanmod and restarts into recovery please help

brad said...

ok got it took 7 times to work how do i get market to work?

ichhabdoch said...

THANKS works perfektly, all who cant upload it are crazy, thats so easy , if i can do that everyone can !!!!! thanks !!!!

ichhabdoch said...

wenn jemand auf deutsch fragen hat, da es ja sehr wenig auf deutsch gibt k├Ânnt ihr mich fragen !!!!!

brad said...

barnical and wireless tether dont work.taskiller doesnt work. rom only 600mhz pretty good still. excited for final version

Soulwave Yap said...

to make de market work, download the "Goggle Apps MDPI" as stated above ther :)

brad said...

thanks figured it out cincinnati bell blaze

David said...

@ brad, barnacle wifi tether tested and working without glitches, try disabling wifi policy timeout...tks

brad said...

already did looks fine on phone ,computer doesnt see it. had it working on cmleclair 1.3. not big deal.

Canikeo said...

Rom Manager just gives me "error while downloading from server" No matter what I do x.x Cincinnati Blaze, "offical 2.1" rom over at seans, rooted. Any help?

Andres said...

Installed today and works great. I needed to wipe data as mentioned somewhere to get it working. >1000 points on Quadrant benchmark!

nikku said...

My screen goes black when I try to enter recovery mode ... my mobile is root. how to make it work ! ?

yky said...

I have a boston clone named nexian journey.. after i installed the rom. it seems that my sdcard cannot be detected (unmount state).
i tried to use another sdcard and it works fine.

but my old sdcard still can't be detected. can someone help me? thx before

Ahya, Hendra [NDRA, Blogger] said...

Hi Fugulhas, may i know if has English version or not ? If has, how do I switch to English version since I don speak Spanish.

Or does enyone else know this ?

Thank you inadvance

inclementia luna said...

hey guys i have already updated my mobile but now the prob im facing is i cant root it with the help of universal androot cause my mobile is currently in 2.3.3 hence which app would work for it .... to root my mobile :( reply fss urgently needed

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