Dec 19, 2010

New Rom SuperBler for Boston

New rom SuperBler Alpha2 (for testing) based on CyanogenMod with Blerfont and Super@tmel optimizations.

* Have 1,3Ghz CPU option.

Use with 512MB ext3 and 64MB LinuxSwap partitions for best results.

Need to wipe all data from your phone and memory card.


For more info or questions:

Compatible with Optimus/Orange Boston, Gigabyte Gsmart G1305, Motorola XT502, Apanda A60, Vibo A688, Chinavision Excalibur, Muchtel A1, Wellcom A88, Commtiva Z71, Cincinnati Bell Blaze, Nexian Journey Lounge...
Thanks to Superbler developers!!


Nakul said...

can this be installed using ROM Manager?
Also, is it in the initial stages of testing?

Testing ROMs scare me..
CM6.1.2 stable kept giving me errors with SDCARD!!
Had to format it!!

GamoMan said...

It kill my SDCard. Do not flash.

Pedro said...

Why the 1,3 Ghz option if it completly crashes with 800Mhz?! :o

sTeAvEn said...

yes my sdcard is dead

Neptunex3 said...

is this for Z71 devices(motorola xt3 -xt502)?


Eugene said...

Got it loaded on my Z71 via ClockworkMod recovery.
Didn't do ext3 or LinuxSwap partitions yet, wanted to test it as it is.

Overall I like it more than CM6.1.2(and several other CM6.x releases).

Wifi tethering still doesn't work.
I don't really use WiFi on a phone (always on 3g), so I won't comment on it's functionality.

Uses kernel
Battery life is definitely better than on CM6.1.2, but is not great. Still testing battery life. If in 3 days I won't get 50+ hours of light usage, I will go back to my 2.1.

I recommend this SuperBler to anyone currently sitting on CM6.x.

Eugene said...

No problems with my SD card (using 8gb class 6).

Leo said...

what android it is?

sTeAvEn said...

it is super slow do not install

Ali said...


termoflua said...

Try to recover your card by using this:

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