May 31, 2011

[Apps] Dialer One Brings Smart Search, Speed Dial to the Android Dialer Screen

If the default Android dialer feels a bit too bare for you, dialer replacement Dialer One should make you happy, easing phone calls with speed dial features, a smart T9 search feature, and call log filtering.

The stock dialer isn't bad, per se, but if you're used to HTC Sense's dialer (or, for that matter, a dialer from a different OS) you may be missing some of your favorite features. Dialer One brings some nice time-saving tricks to your phone's dialer, so you don't have to keep rooting around your Contacts or Call Log page. For example, when you start typing on the dialer, it will automatically narrow down choices from your contacts and recently called numbers. You can either start typing a number or their name (using the letters that correspond to each number), and then just tap the desired contact when it pops up. It's also got a speed dial feature, for assigning contacts to one number on the dialer, and more advanced call log filters, so you can narrow down recent calls by incoming, outgoing, or missed. You can also change its appearance to fit your tastes.

Dialer One is a free download for Android devices running 2.0 and higher. From LH



Cipirix said...

The main disadvantage is that if you get a call and you do not have the number in the agenda after two days no longer find the number in call log.

Go Dialer is better

oracle said...

Touchpal dialer is best

MiteshPC said...

I have used dialer one since day one as I couldn't use a dialer that can't find a number when I type in the name. So used to the HTC dialer.

I do find it a bit slower than I could wish but I haven't found any other dialer fast enough.

Will try touchpal to see how it fairs.

Sek Ranger said...

@Cipirix You can set how long to keep the log in settings.

@MiteshPC you can set whether to find by name, lastname or number using T9 in the setting, too.

Juan said...
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Juan said...

"My Sales Dialer" is best...

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