Jun 6, 2011

[Rom 2.3.4] Cyanogen MOD 7 build 95 + battery & memory fix

CyanogenMOD 7 for Commtiva Z71, Apanda A60, Chinavision  Excalibur, Cincinnati Bell Blaze, Gigabyte Gsmart G1305, Motorola XT502, Muchtel A1, Optimus Boston, Orange Boston, Spice Mi-300, Vibo A688 and Wellcom A88 - official nightly version

Visit the CHANGELOG for a full list of changes and features!"

Nightly version after Stable:
Download: cm_z71_full-95.zip

Google Apps: gapps-gb-20110307-signed.zip

Battery and memory fix (Now with SuperAOSP 8 Kernel): update kernel SuperAOSP 8.0 RC2
Apply this after update the rom, lasts more than 2 days (Thanks to CML)

How to -> For who still have the old 2.1 or 2.2 rom and want to put this amazing rom, need to do this steps:

1- download 2.3 nb0 rom cm7.0.2_z71_battery_memory_fix.nb0

2- update your phone to 2.3 rom using SUT SUTLR_v1.7.0

3- download cm_z71_full-95.zip and update kernel SuperAOSP 8.0 RC2 to your memory card

4- on the recovery menu apply the new rom build update and after that apply the battery and memory fix

5- reboot your phone and that's all :D You have the 2.3.4 rom !!!

Thank you to EVERYONE involved in Cyanogen! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...


How do you apply the battery and memory fix?


Davies said...

The same way u flashed the update zip via recovery

Pedro said...

I just installed 2 days ago, Nightly 90 following your instructions (Thanks). And today I saw that you posted instructions for Nightly 95. But on the changelog link you have I cannot see what are the changes....can you help? Can you tell me if there's any improvement?

ZAILER said...

@ pedro read changes here ..

could anyone pls make an .NB0 of this 95 would have been a great help :)thanks

martin said...

please make nb0 version!

Ionel said...

i have some problems with the network - it doesn't find my network operator - orange romania

Davies said...

@Ionel If you install the update zip directly,u face IMEI and no signal issues. 1st check ua IMEI by *#06# if it ain't there The best way to get it back is to revert back to ua official stock rom or u can try flashing Phantom Evolution rom i read somewhere it can solve the IMEI issues but i aint sure..

kiko said...

Hello. I can't install cyanogen nightlie 90 and 94.

Installing update...
assert failed: getprop("ro.product.device") == "z71" || getprop("ro.build.product") == "z71" ||getprop("ro.product.board") == "z71"
E: error in /sdcard/cm_z71_full-94.zip
(status 7)

My phone don't is z71. My phone is Boston (z71 variant).
I can´t install. Install check only "z71", no check "boston" moreover.

Later I try and I can't install stable versiĆ³n: update-cm-7.0.3-Z71-signed.zip. (same error)

(my installed rom is superaosp 8.0 and recovery is clockworkmod (from rommanager)

Pedro said...

Thanks for the link! :)
In Nightly #92 there were a lot of fixes, in#95 its only minor fixes.
After Nightly #90 I found the system to be very stable (well...,mmuch much better than 7.0.3 running with superaosp4.8), and I'm Happy with it. But I think the previous setup although very unstable and with severe memory management issues had better battery life.
Unless Battery Improvement is garanteed I will not Update to Nightly #95.

I will follow this Blog to check for feedback.

Mike said...

I wish there's a mirror for the files. every time i try to download from uploading i get download limit exceeded message. ><

Antrim said...


I am trying to access the log of changes made, however it is just not accesible. Can you please paste it here? Thanks.

Davies said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Davies said...

@Zailer HERE ITS CHANGELOG 4 cm_z71_full-95.zip
Rename format_ignore_partitions to a forbid_format (android_bootable_recovery)Revert "get-rommanager: Prevent saving a broken download". Breaks buildbot on certain distros (arch?), file mimetype is incorrectly reported. (android_vendor_cyanogen)

FM Radio: add silabs si4709 (android_frameworks_base) ON cm_z71_full-92.zip CHANGELOG WHOT DOES IT MEAN THEY ADDED FM RADIO OR WHOT?

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