Jul 18, 2011

[Rom 2.3.4] Cyanogen MOD 7 build 137 + battery & memory fix

CyanogenMOD 7 for Commtiva Z71, Apanda A60, Chinavision  Excalibur, Cincinnati Bell Blaze, Gigabyte Gsmart G1305, Motorola XT502, Muchtel A1, Optimus Boston, Orange Boston, Spice Mi-300, Vibo A688 and Wellcom A88 - official nightly version

Visit the CHANGELOG for a full list of changes and features!"

Nightly version after Stable:
Download: cm_z71_full-137.zip

Google Apps: gapps-gb-20110613-signed.zip

Battery and memory fix (Now with SuperAOSP 8 Kernel AW): SuperAOSP_8.6_.
Apply this after update the rom, lasts more than 2 days (Thanks to CML)

How to -> For who still have the old 2.1 or 2.2 rom and want to put this amazing rom, need to do this steps:

1- download 2.3 nb0 rom cm7.0.2_z71_battery_memory_fix.nb0

2- update your phone to 2.3 rom using SUT SUTLR_v1.7.0

3- download cm_z71_full-137.zip and SuperAOSP 8.6 to your memory card

4- on the recovery menu apply the new rom build update and after that apply the battery and memory fix

5- reboot your phone and that's all :D You have the 2.3.4 rom !!!

Thank you to EVERYONE involved in Cyanogen! Enjoy!


Mighty Ghost said...

touch screen wont work.. :(

vaserbanix said...

on my boston it work good!

Fperaboa said...

Crashing frequently... rolling back to 130

João said...

Great, now my boston does not work. the screen stays black. how can i reboot it? help me please..

oracle said...

@João need download adb folder,
connect your phone to PC via USB cable
type "cd c:/adb"
type "adb reboot"

martin said...

mine's work

@vasile: have you got any update from akhil? :)

Aaron said...

why dont you guys use superaosp 8.6?

it is completely stable, it also has all the cm7 settings!

João said...

it's working again. i've run the hard-reset and it reboot with the cyanogen rom. thanks

vaserbanix said...

no i dont know nothing about akhil!

Unknown said...

usb-sdcard sharing does not work

João Esteves said...


Drag the status bar and select «Mount usb device».

João Esteves said...

At line n.º 4, I must apply the new rom build, and restart? And then apply the SuperAOSP?

Can I find a newbie guide in here?

João Esteves said...

Can anyone tell me why I should not install only «SuperAOSP 8.6»?

hugo said...

the g sensor is working backwards, already checked seetings

Spicysomtam said...

Viewing the screen horizontal shows the display upside down. Other problem is problem with wifi hotspot: it doesn't work unless you make the connection open (no wpa); this seems an old bug that has re-appeared.

Spicysomtam said...

I tried build 139 too; same issues.

Spicysomtam said...

ok, I tried 128 and then 124; 124 is the one that fixes the rotate screen issue. Maybe 125,126,127 work? I havn't the patience to try all those!

Abhilash said...

i tried build 124....why is d battery backup so poor... i used to get 28-36 hrs with jellybean...but with this only 10-12 hrs battery life...plz look into this problem seriously...

Kroker said...

Installed cm7.0.2_z71_battery_memory_fix.nb0 (with SUTLR_v1.7.0). Phone OK.
Installed cm_z71_full-137.zip. Screen didn't recognize touch. Went back. Phone OK.
Installed SuperAOSP 8.6 Phone OK.
It's working. Most time...
Once in a wile it goes down and text messenges are not recieved. Phone calls yes.
SMS only comes back after another reboot (the one the phone does when this hapens, doesn't count)
Still don't know if this happens when I send a 'special' SMS or recieve one ('special' as too big or with characters like # $ % &)
Anyone with same problem?
Waiting for a more stable version.

Askganesha.com Astrologer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Askganesha.com Astrologer said...

I have spice Mi 300 and have used this rom in the following way
1.1- downloaded 2.3 nb0 rom cm7.0.2_z71_battery_memory_fix.nb0

2- updated my phone to 2.3 rom using SUT SUTLR_v1.7.0

3- downloaded SuperAOSP 8.6 to memory card

Please let me know how do I go to the recovery menu

Askganesha.com Astrologer said...

I opened the fine SuperAOSP 8.6 using Rom Manager and rebooted the phone. The phone is now showing
kernel version: #2

Kindly let me know if I have to download cm_z71_full-137.zip to my memory card and then apply the new rom and then use the Super AOSP 8.6 again

Please let me know at present how do I go to the Recovery menu an also the steps I need to follow now

As of now the phone is working fine.

Mighty Ghost said...


Where u download the aosp kernal? Mine is version #1 only but ur.is #2. The latest one is version #6. All refer to the end of version label. Latest kernal drain battery faster too compare to older version.

Askganesha.com Astrologer said...

Well The link to the AOSP 8.6 was given on the top of this page itself.

Kindly let me know if I have to download cm_z71_full-137.zip to my memory card and then apply the new rom and then use the Super AOSP 8.6 again

Mighty Ghost said...

Oic, I will to download again.

Yes, just put cyanogen zip to sd. Apply using rom manager. After finish updating, apply the kernal patch.that's all.

Askganesha.com Astrologer said...

I updating the cm_z71_full-137.zip from my sd card using rom manager. I was not able to update the kernal patch as it aborted the patch automatically. Any thing i can do to solve this.

There is one more thing if I reject an incoming call it does not show as missed but reflects the incoming call arrow. Any suggestions.

Askganesha.com Astrologer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Askganesha.com Astrologer said...

The phone booted on its own and kept on doing it. I had to take out the battery and then started the phone.

The DSP manager application keeps running even after using advanced task killer

thank you

Askganesha.com Astrologer said...

The problem of rebooting is coming frequently

please let me know how can I roll back to the
2.3 nb0 rom cm7.0.2_z71_battery_memory_fix.nb0

The SUT does not work as it says the phone is not connected.

Somebody please help

Askganesha.com Astrologer said...

Hi Mighty Ghost

I just updated the SuperAOSP_8.6_.
the problem which now I am facing are
1. it reboots any time though not frequently but a three times in a day

2. the DSP manager does not stop even after using the advanced task killer

3. I faced a problem in between that the menu button did not show menu it just poped up the key board. I had to reboot the phone to get the menu options back

Can you guide me on it

KAKA20979 said...

are this rom can do usb thetering ?
are this rom can do installing USB Ethernet/RNDIS on PC (if we use WinXP) without asking a Z71 Drivers again like latest G.Bread Rom from Cyanogen ?

Askganesha.com Astrologer said...


I also faced the problem of usb thetering. The phone did not connect it just opened up the USB mass storage.

The battery back up is not good even after updating the SuperAOSP_8.6_.
It is just 10hrs with mild usage

The phone reboots atleast three times in a day

The dsp manger does not get killed even after using the task killer

Can anybody help me out to solve the above problems

thnx in advance

Askganesha.com Astrologer said...


The phone is restarting many times now and I am also not able to connect the phone through SUT LR please help. How to get the things back in order.


Abhilash said...

hi.....i need some help...
i am not able to flash any rom through rom manager hav zip format... i am only able to flash .nb0 format files using SUT..
plz help i need to flash a rom that is in zip format only...

Mighty Ghost said...


Sorry offline few days.

1. it reboots any time though not frequently but a three times in a day
Ans : Do you have many applications installed? Running application? Im using it but the frequently reboot not everydayd...

2. the DSP manager does not stop even after using the advanced task killer
Ans : Im not using this application at all. Cant help u.

3. I faced a problem in between that the menu button did not show menu it just poped up the key board.
Ans : This bug already here since older build. It didnt get fixed. Im not sure why and also, reboot is our choice now.

Regarding to downrade to the cyanogen fix.nbo, u cannot. U need to reflash it again. Downgrade to 2.1 then flash cyanogen.

Mighty Ghost said...

If "The SUT does not work as it says the phone is not connected.". Always reboot ur device either and go to download mode.

If "the zip file failed to update via rom manager". Make sure ur zip files not damaged because sometime, the downloading process might damaged ur download file.

Askganesha.com Astrologer said...

Thnx Mighty ghost

I will give you the feedback as soon as I use it


Ps. Do you think I should use the rom 7.0.3-Z71 which is given on cyanogenmod it says that it is the stable version

Mighty Ghost said...


if u use the stable version. then, u cannot flash the nightly build. cause, the stable version will become nightly build later on.. :)

if u prefer updated, just follow up the nightly build.

Askganesha.com Astrologer said...

Thnx Mighty, got it.


Askganesha.com Astrologer said...

Hi Mighty

The phone is working fine and the battery is also good now. I didnt try the SUTLR as it was not needed.

Teh problem which I am facing now are
1. The phone restarts at least three times in a day
2. Not able to view the flash banners or images on the web browser
3. Not able to use the phone as modem via usb cable.

Please help me on these


Ps. There is one more favour which I would request you. You see when I had the factory 2.1 of Spice MI 300 and in that there was a "Socially" app which gave information of the caller's city and network during incoming call. I searched hard over the net but was not able to find the .apk file for it. Even sent a mail to the developers but no response.

Martin said...

when I want to install application to my Orange Boston from Android market via PC it wont work, but on android market download screen it says "This app will be downloaded to your device shortly." and the download never starts. Can anyone help me,please? (I've got exactly Commtiva Z71)

Aevum Dicessio said...

@Martin - It works fine for me. Check if your background sync is enabled.

Martin said...

Yes I have it enabled and auto sync either and it doent work.... and what exactly does it after you press install on android market?

Aevum Dicessio said...

in 2 seconds the app starts getting downloaded n then installed just like it would happen if i were to install from the mobile market

Aevum Dicessio said...

u need to sign in in market
and on left it should display in each app that your so n so(carrier) boston is compatible with this app

vaserbanix said...

@martin "pall"
sign in to gøogle in your browser!
after that tel me if you make it to instal the app on vaserbanix@yahoo.con

Martin said...

of course I was signed in my account when I was trying to download the applications,but it still doesnt work

Martin said...

@Aveum: yes, it is displayed there "This app is compatible with your Orange Commtiva Z71."

SziEgU said...

I've got some weird problem with this version:
- from orange 2.1 I flashed Apanda to unlock the phone, and so it did, after i flashed back to 2.1 and everything was fine.
- flashed everything as required in this post and all seemed fine.
- when I tried to go back to orange 2.1 my phone's signal strength went to almost zero from 3 lines and I cannot get it back no matter what I flash on it. My IMEI is ok.

Ideas ?

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