Jul 29, 2011

[Rom 2.3.4] Cyanogen MOD 7 build 147 + battery & memory fix

CyanogenMOD 7 for Commtiva Z71, Apanda A60, Chinavision  Excalibur, Cincinnati Bell Blaze, Gigabyte Gsmart G1305, Motorola XT502, Muchtel A1, Optimus Boston, Orange Boston, Spice Mi-300, Vibo A688 and Wellcom A88 - official nightly version

Visit the CHANGELOG for a full list of changes and features!"

Nightly version after Stable:
Download: cm_z71_full-147.zip

Google Apps: gapps-gb-20110613-signed.zip

Battery and memory fix (Now with SuperAOSP 8 Kernel AW): SuperAOSP_8.6_.
Apply this after update the rom, lasts more than 2 days (Thanks to CML)

How to -> For who still have the old 2.1 or 2.2 rom and want to put this amazing rom, need to do this steps:

1- download 2.3 nb0 rom cm7.0.2_z71_battery_memory_fix.nb0

2- update your phone to 2.3 rom using SUT SUTLR_v1.7.0

3- download cm_z71_full-147.zip and SuperAOSP 8.6 to your memory card

4- on the recovery menu apply the new rom build update and after that apply the battery and memory fix

5- reboot your phone and that's all :D You have the 2.3.4 rom !!!

Thank you to EVERYONE involved in Cyanogen! Enjoy!


vaserbanix said...

with few last builds my phone ring just once when someoane call my!
is this a new method to do some economy to tha battery!

songkran said...
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Goose-T said...

vasile, put a longer mp3 song as a ringtone, that's my workaround for this problem. :)

MiteshPC said...

Vasile, same issue noticed here. The work-around is the way out. When I apply the SuperAOSP patch it becomes laggy. Have you tried with the SuperAOSP patch?

vaserbanix said...

@Goose!Iknow that,just want to remind the
Cyanogen team to do something with battery consumtion on original kernel!
@Mitesh! Now I use Bakpia2.2.3sense-ui4.4.5@
but time to time I check what is new in cm7.
soon the super aosp patch wil be no longer compatibile with cm7 because of many changes made on it. ollready cm7 is 2.3.5 what is next?

Unknown said...

There is a bug in CM7 hope this post is heard by Cm7 developers . the bug is ...

While playing audio .. through headfone on my Bose Mie2 headfones . Im able to notice that when the screen switches or screen gets locked the music starts to play slow and jerky . i meant it starts to hang... But when i remove the screen lock or switch on the screen the music starts to play .....

This is could face only in CM7 mods ... When in for other flavours like firetrap vanilla, jellybean mods there is no issue i faced till now .....

Unknown said...

Not happens only when it is headfone mode not in loudspeaker mode

Eric said...

I Have try it on Spice MI300. It sucks ! not smooth and lag ~

Jeanndough said...

Change the cpu governor to interactive or On Demand, it solves your lag issue.
The default governor is smartass which seems to slow down the cpu when the screen is turned off irrespective of whether or not an app requires a higher cpu speed, hence the audio lags.

Naren said...

@Santhosh Baby - I had the same problem, try this solution - http://www.ubiquitense.com/technology/screen-off-music-stutter-problem-in-android-gingerbread-solution-cpu-tuner/3027/

Naren said...

@Jeanndough - you keep any governor, the screen-off music stutter will stay on. You must use SetCPU or CPU Tuner like I've mentioned above.

Jeanndough said...

Oh, in my case changing the governor worked cos the basic problem as you've also mentioned is the reduction in clock speed but thanks for the the help!

apish said...

if u use CML kernel, it will break the sound when screen is off..if original kernel, i believe no prob..but newest cm7 kernel give me prob which is touch screen not working

Markus said...

do someone know where to get the Bakpia2.2.3sense-ui4.4.5 ROM? i did not find anything...

Hoang said...

I had used Phantom Sky Revolution ROM before I used Cyanogen MOD 7 ROM.

After I up Cyanogen MOD 7 ROM, my PC can't detect my android phone. So, I can't copy data between my phone and my PC.

Please help me!

Mighty Ghost said...


do u use the superaosp?

make sure ur pc installed with the drivers.
after that, disable the "usb debugging"

under settings > application > development

Hoang said...

@Mighty Ghost
Thanks for your help, after disable the "usb debugging", my computer can detect the sdcard.

Eka Waka said...

anyone can fix the superaosp bug? the accelerometer seems so annoying...

Mighty Ghost said...

I found one bug.

If u have more than 4 application move to sdcard. On the next reboot, u will get boot loop in the homescreen. It wont load except u delete application on ".android_secure" folder by mount to as usb.

Do anyone facing the same issue?

terry said...

hi.i hav tried on mi300. seem no prob at all.juz use default for all and gov on demand.up the heap and walla.i can play anything.even hd 720 video.i can install many apk to sd and play witout lag.thanks dev

Mighty Ghost said...


u mean install to sd is to the sdcard itself or to ext partition on sd?

Askganesha.com Astrologer said...

Hi Terry

The spice Mi 300came with an app socially installed on it. Can you let me know if you have the .ask file for it.


Unknown said...

I may have 2 stupid questions to ask since I'm new for this.

After update my Vibo A688 from Android 2.1 to the new kernal Android 2.3.5 by using:

then I've 2 problems now.
Problem (1): "Menu" key becomes "keyboard input". How to change this back to Menu setting? (because some apps need click "menu" as setting into the setting function such as Google map. )

Problem (2): the up-down direction is reverse in the landscape mode. (but the portrait is normal.) so, I can't read the contents well in the landscape mode.

If others have the same problems, can tell me how you solve these 2 problems?

Thanks for your help.

Mighty Ghost said...


we cannot do anything for it. we just can live with it. if u dont want the flip problem, just use build 127.

about the menu to keyboard, because of the bug in the superaosp kernal. either use the original kernal or use the superaosp 8.6 fix kernal which also drain battery faster than the older.

suppose restart the phone will fix the menu to keyboard prob. if still persist, load to custom recovery then clear the cache only. then reboot.

Unknown said...

Thanks for Mighty Ghost's suggestion. Build 124 can solve the flip problem and turn-off/restart from OS can solve the menu to keyboard problem.

and sorry for asking another question again. I find that I can't see my A688 in PC when I connect A688 to any USB port. In the original Android 2.1, it will jump up the connecting request or SUTLR can detect that A688 in PC. Now, I can't see A688 or SUTLR can't delete it in PC after I install those:cm7.0.2_z71_battery_memory_fix.nb0.nb0,
I ever choose "wipe data/factor reset" in the recover mode to clean Vibo screen, otherwise A688 always repeat the same Vibo message and will not get into OS. Is this wipe operation cause this usb-detection problem?
Is there any way to fix problem to let PC can detect this A688? ( so, I can use this A688 with Android2.3.4 to test some sample codes from books in PC? )

Thanks for your help again.

Naren said...

Not able to overclock, even to the next nearest 768 MHz. Phone freezes and restarts. Anyone facing this issue?

Any other alternative kernel other than this 8.6AW?

adi said...

somebody help me for ACCELEROMETER bugs... i cannot enjoy landscape mode since the screen always move to the opposite side....

Naren said...

@Adi - yes, I second that! this is ridiculous to not being fixed in subsequent nightlies. Anyone knows who maintains these?

vaserbanix said...

instal build 2-3times until it become to normal
I fix it in this mode!

Naren said...

@Vasile - 2-3 times? well, it wud be a hit or miss right?

vaserbanix said...

I dont understand verry well!
sorry my english is not to good...
and yes I install it 2-3 times and it become to normall!
can someone tell me whai cant post here from pc?
just from ttha phone!

Aevum Dicessio said...

@vasile - happens at times with me.. try different browser or clear browser cache

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Yesterday I flashed this kernel and when I first rebooted my phone he got stuck in the boot screen. This happened to me once in older versions. Do you you know a way to fix this?

Mighty Ghost said...

@Rui Lisboa

pull the battery, leave for 10seconds. After that, put the battery back. u need to wait until the boot finish.

mohd_monis said...

hi every one
i am using spice mi300 with phentom sky revolution V 1a .
i am facing random reboots while playing videos in default media player or in youtube.
if anyone knows how to solve this issue please help me.
and please tell me if someone else is also facing this problem.

sry for going out of topic.

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