Nov 2, 2011

[App]New Android Market 3.3.11

It appears an update to the Android Market is now being pushed out to handsets, and we've got the .apk file for you right now. Warning: this updated Market does not seem to work very well on Honeycomb tablets, there appears to be a number of glitches.

Change Log
New setting: Auto-update apps (presumably, sets all apps to auto-update mode, woohoo!)
New setting: Update over Wi-Fi only
New setting: Auto-add shortcuts (automatically adds homescreen shortcuts for new apps, ala Honeycomb)
Smaller font
New app drawer icon
Microphone (voice command) button in search menu
Star rating chart on app pages
Minor UI tweaks

Procedure to install via CWM Recovery

According to popular requests, I made a flashable version of the new Market 3.3.11 . This will solve all the installation issues.
1. Download the Flashable zip file
2. Do a Nandroid Backup.
3. Reboot into Recovery & Flash the zip
4. Now reboot & enjoy.......

Thanks to XDA


napyaninja said...

zip not able to flash

Pedro Brandão said...

same here

Kornel said...

just unzip the apk from it and install

sameer said...

yas working

sameer said...
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androiddylan said...

I have downloaded its apk version @

nandan said...

I am using Phantom sky revolution. Unable to install by apk or the zip. any idea?

roberto said...
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roberto said...

I am running on Phantom too.
Rename downloaded .apk file to "Vending.apk" and move it to /system/app . Then change permissions of this file to rw-r-r. Then restart your phone and You have got a new Android Market application :)
P.S.: You can do this steps with Root Explorer application

yasen1965 said...

Dowload from MediaFire. O.K.

Triptaminer said...

i got problem wid viewing installed apps... it shows screen wid two buttons like browse apps and browse games but after i click, it bring me back to main screen of app... downgrade to 2.3 versions impossible cos after first start it update market back to 3.11 ... any ideas? thx

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