Nov 10, 2011

[Rom 2.3] EA#47 Kernel

Added cpu freq 595mhz
Updated BFQ to BFQv2-r1 (set as default)
Power on using green button
Works with ext4
Added governor smartassV2
Added SIO sheduler
CFS tweaks
Better memory management
Removed useless debug info
Misc tweaks


Thanks to edgar86 from AndroidPT


sameer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hady said...

اللي يجرب يقول :D

dpblnt said...

Just flashed it on superosr-2.0.1, smartassV2 appeared.
works ok so far.
I like waking up with green and putting to sleep with the red button very much.
Currently measuring the battery life.

napyaninja said...

battery life is not so good. drains fast

Alex3n said...

2hady, когда все пишут по-английски на английском ресурсе просто ахирительно писать на другом языке, правда? Еще бы по-японски секанул бы что-то, мудло. Можешь и в гугле перевести, только хуле?!

dpblnt said...

Yeah, looks like I'll revert, drained to 53% from morning, while my last week measured by battery ETA looks like this: 46,103,60,54 hours with one charge; this one will produce about 24hours/charge.

Enosh said...

the time run so fast while using Smartass V2

dpblnt said...

this kernel drains my battery in 32 hours.
gotta roll back to superosr's kernel.

Ionel said...

wi-fi not working - it appears to be connected but it does not work ...

MiteshPC said...

@dpblnt, which mod and kernel do you use? 103 sounds like extra-terrestrial to me!!! Or maybe you are using it in a very cold environment.

dpblnt said...

after phantom sky rev, bakpia and ofcourse CM, I used SuperOSR-2.0.1 for a long time (since it's release), it satisfied my needs, it was able to sleep 100+ hours and served me safely with 2+ days of normal usage.
I just upgraded to SuperOSR-ST@-Boston-2.2.0 (android:2.3.7,kernel:, currently testing for battery usage, does not look so promising 70%/day or so looks bad to me)

MiteshPC said...

@dpblnt, my usage is usually 1 hour of calls daily and 30+ instances of Talk usage per day totaling ~50 minutes. No wifi, full time 2G on.

I never manage more than 16-18 hours per day. :(

Han Je Lee said...

More over clock!!! ^^

This blog is very good!!

dpblnt said...

I also talk about an hour, read mails, about 100/day, on 2G only, handle calendars and todo widgets, and measure the battery usage with battery ETA, which reports the current discharge velocity and the daily average discharge velocity of my usage history, so i can calibrate stuff to extend my battery life, for example i set max clock to 480MHz (i don't play games, and on this speed general responsiveness is enough for me), also currently testing INTERACTIVEOSR governor.
I try to keep the discharge velocity(batteryETA term) under 2.2. BatteryETA can even predict info using the current discharge velocity and the general state of the battery(health as it names it, temperature).
One more thing i try to do to preserve the health of my battery is to not charge when i can, but try to discharge it down until about 30%, then charge it for the night, because chargers feed batteries more than 3 modes with electricity, one is when the battery is detected to be fully charged the charger changes it's mode and keeps the battery on current. Some people call that battery formatting.

MiteshPC said...

@dpblnt, thanks for your feedback, lots of useful information within.

I really appreciate.

S.line said...

Have you tryed the latest EA kernels?

Han Je Lee said...

Please make a ram fix version all memory 512mb ram useful memory 350 please

I am using KT TECH EV-S110 <<<it is z71's clone!! But RAM is 512mb so, I can not use this kernel....... please make only ram fix kernel ..

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