Apr 2, 2012

[Rom 2.3.7] Hfbvm v1.3.0

The final and stable version. Everything is working and tested.
It has the Default Cyanogen Mod UI . The HeLauncher Gives you the Look of Motoblur, or HTC sense or Touchwiz (Samsung) UI or the plain AOSP.
List of the features:

HeLauncher (AOSP, Samsung, Motorola, HTC)
Sony Walkman Music Player
All In one Facebook (Widget, App and Chat)
Twitter with widget
MI File Explorer
MI Locker
Adobe Flash Player
Clocks from Acer and Sony and HTC
Media Shortcuts
DSP manager
Reduced RAM usage
Lots of governors (I prefer smartass)

DOWNLOAD: www.mediafire.com/download.php?o6f0csa74l4d621


The HeLauncher is the original V1.5 which was free and was later pulled off from the market and replaced by HeLauncher2 which is paid. There is absolutely no pirated software.

And yes how could i forget. Special thanks to Cipi and Fagulhas.

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Anonymous said...

wifi problem!!!!

Srgrox said...

cmmnt on battery plz...

Globber said...


Can anybody give some backup recommendations before flashing?
I've heard some people losing their IMEI while flashing custom ROMs.


Enosh said...

if the problem occurs, flash the original 2.1 ROM before flashing custom ROMs.

Srgrox said...

WiFi not connecting...:\


Yah! Wifi can't connect...Plz fix it. Otherwise this is a good ROM to try.

deepak verma said...


AAllan said...

can't install apk from this rom.phone not rooted.wifi not connecting.pls. fix,btw thanks for the hard work.

Gatopardo said...

wifi doesn't work

kenra said...

wifi cant get dhcp mode, so if you want to get the wifi worked,try to set static ip on your phone.

to make the root worked, try to delete some apk inside the zip, on app folder, and reflash. there are too many bloatware that taking to much space for the phone,that causing the xbin folder didnt copied to the system while flashing.

this method worked for me.
after i managed those, i found another bug. every google apps wont work, mail, maps, gtalk, etc etc.

Unknown said...

is there any honeycomb for motorola XT502

hfbvm said...

Root problem has been fixed. Thanks to Kenra for pointing out the problem. I removed some of the existing apps and put them in a zip folder which can be downloaded here:


Download links are:

V.2.0.0: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?3ledazeum5qgdlz

V.1.3.0: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?83kp12a3a4ynrk0

Follow the same steps to install it. Extract the apps.zip onto your SD-Card and by using file manager Install the apps you want.

To delete any bloatware install root manager (included in apps.zip). Allow it superuser permissions. Go to /system/app and delete any app you dont want.

To make your External memory your internal memory: Working on it. (ETA: 3 days) (WIll be a separate flash able zip)

hfbvm said...

Root problem fixed. Get the latest version and info here:


hfbvm said...

And it also has a way to get higher quadrant scores and make your SD card your internal.

Srgrox said...

Everything's wrking awesome...but please help me with eifi..jus conected once..not wrking...it automatically turns off..dnt even scan..polz help

membukagelap said...

hey, all of your links were set to private, how can somebody thanks for your hard-work when they may not 'taste' the result

mcq said...

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