Apr 2, 2012

[Rom 2.3.7] Hfbvm v2.0.0

This one has GO launcher with pre-installed Themes. The only bad thing about go launcher is the space. According to me it is meant for Big screens. The screen is already tiny and it appears even more smaller. But with a few changes it looks just fine. Changing the home screen grid to 5x5 and Drawer grid to 3x3 it actually looks pretty nice. And it has a large support and hence according to me Go launcher is the next best thing. It also has the ICS type organization in App drawer. Has all the features of V.1.3.0

Download: www.mediafire.com/download.php?tm6cuhuu18yl8uj

Screen Shots:


Srgrox said...

Awesome looks...but if its based on Cyanogen MOd...battery will be same..? Draining soon...?

christian said...

Wifi problem
No root

hfbvm said...

Root problem fixed. Get the latest version and info here:


norule said...

Cant install some apps (Line,Voxer) it says device not compatible but my old custom rom work fine.
BTW great performance, if u can fix this . It'llbe my best rom.

hfbvm said...

Just change the phone model etc to that of any other phone and you will be pretty much set-up.
If many people really want it then i will make a flash able zip.

norule said...

yes, please hfbvm.

Balaji said...

hey i cant able to download from the link it says the file is private

hfbvm said...

Read the comments for new link.

Melon said...

Work fine on my journey A890...thanks

Andre Bravo Ferreira said...

How i change my phone model like hfbvm said?

revolution said...

@hfbvm like it,superb... yea..i also would like to know how to change phone MODEL

hgn said...

Wifi tether didn't work


unable to install some of the apps, unable to log into my gmail account but the net is working fine, and wifi is also not workin properly....what to do? ..
External memory into internal memory is a grt bonus...killer looks...nice work..

Srgrox said...

everything's superb...n surprisingly battery backup is wonderful...but wen i connect charger it take an hour to charge 2%....i resetted battery stats but no success...plz help...
plz REPLY....

Luis Duarte said...

To fix the WIFI Error, use this free app from the market: "FXR WiFi fix and rescue"
Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.brilliapps.wifiandmorefixer&hl=pt_PT

Worked for me!

Eddie Price said...

i cant able to download, new link pls....

Srgrox said...

@Luis ....wifi error is till der...
plz help me with battery thing...its not charging...alsowifi getting disconnected every now and then

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