May 16, 2011

[Rom 2.3.4] Cyanogen MOD 7 build 79 + battery & memory fix

CyanogenMOD 7 for Commtiva Z71, Apanda A60, Chinavision  Excalibur, Cincinnati Bell Blaze, Gigabyte Gsmart G1305, Motorola XT502, Muchtel A1, Optimus Boston, Orange Boston, Spice Mi-300, Vibo A688 and Wellcom A88 - official nightly version

Visit the CHANGELOG for a full list of changes and features!"

Nightly version after Stable:

Google Apps:

Battery and memory fix (Now with SuperAOSP 8 Kernel): update kernel SuperAOSP 8.0 RC2
Apply this after update the rom, lasts more than 2 days (Thanks to CML)

How to -> For who still have the old 2.1 or 2.2 rom and want to put this amazing rom, need to do this steps:

1- download 2.3 nb0 rom cm7.0.2_z71_battery_memory_fix.nb0

2- update your phone to 2.3 rom using SUT SUTLR_v1.7.0

3- download and update kernel SuperAOSP 8.0 RC2 to your memory card

4- on the recovery menu apply the new rom build update and after that apply the battery and memory fix

5- reboot your phone and that's all :D You have the 2.3.4 rom !!!

Thank you to EVERYONE involved in Cyanogen! Enjoy!


Miguel said...

what's the different between build73 and 79?

Unknown said...

any new improvement?

apish said...

any changelog read here

dvazlloyd said...

For anyone who has used this?, hows the Battery back up?, is the wifi working?

vaserbanix said...

4 all:I tested and can say: all work good

Sapraj said...

hi....... i am planning to install 2.3 on my videocon zeus but i would like to take a backup of videcon bootanimation which i can't find it in system/media........ pls tell me where it is hidden.

Unknown said...

Just installed it (WellcoM A88) with my brand new class 4 8GB sd-card, no problems yet.
Wi-fi not working

bg.haddad said...

yeah WiFi not working,,,but everything else workin good

Sek Ranger said...


If wi-fi not working, that's not "no problem".

Anonymous said...

I believe battery is still a problem draining fast.. but better then last build.. and switching connections. like 3g or wifi result in to phone restart ..

any suggestions

Unknown said...

@Sek Ranger: I was talking about no problems with the SD card :-)
With the class 2 cards there where always problems for some strange reason.
This started with the regular builds, the pre-release candidates didn’t have that problem.
Also other ROMs from different builders don’t have the class 2 problem.

It seems that the search for available networks operators is also still not working.

Anonymous said...


That's confirm that class 2 sd card will never support cyanogen or superAosp roms require atleast class 4..
and for network problems may b you have not followed standar procedures for flashing roms.. any roms flashing with SUTL utility will never have network problems... please recheck how u flashed you're rom..

AnNamir™ said...

@RichyE & bg.haddad:
Do this step to fix your wifi problems:
1. Flash the
from boston mania and you will fix the wifi!
2. After that flash the original boot.img from Super AOSP 8.0RC2.

Rohit said...

why not we cant post comment in "Phantom Sky Revolution V1" ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

AnNamir™ said...

Still not satisfied with battery life. After 100% charging (green), it goes red after about 4 hours. Only using wifi.

Unknown said...

@ me_sharief: thanks for the info.
I followed the exact procedures as above, as start I had the originel rom.

@ annamir™: I will try that later.

Thanks for the info

Miguel said...

wifi doesnt work?

Unknown said...

@ annamir™: your fix worked, but not 100%
It finds only 1 AP, while ter are normaly 8 in my neigbourhood.

Will play with it later

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