May 16, 2011

[Apps] Starksoft Smart CallerID

Starksoft Smart CallerID allows us to establish high-resolution photos on the caller, as well as:
1) Display a notification after the end of an outgoing call with the contact information and call duration
2) Notifies the loss / finding the network, as well as the inclusion of flight mode
3) Intercepts outgoing calls, protecting it from accidental dialing (with the possible exception or complete shutdown of the function)
4) When switched radio offers to include it in an outgoing call

Download: SmartCallerID.apk


Nakul said...

is it in english?

Tarun Kumar Singh said...

it is in english and seems good
but not working as expected in superaosp 8 rc2
i cant reject the call by swiping the buttons but i have to use the physical keys

Nakul said...

@tarun : Cool! I'll try on mine.. I'm using Phantom rev4b.. Should see if it works well on phantom rom or not :)

Rohit said...

why not we cant post comment in "Phantom Sky Revolution V1" ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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