Mar 14, 2011

[Rom 2.2] Phantom King rev2 : Sky Fish

Download: phantom.king.rev2.rar


GameSky said...

Can use recoverymod to "update" and retain my previous configurations?

Sammy said...

there is update script in the forum, use SL4 to apply, internet connection required

monis said...

can any one tell me how to add gingerbread screen off (old television ) in this type of rom.

and whats new in rev2.

i had applied some custom transition effects in this rom but they are little laggy specially fly animation,
can any one tell me how to make them smooth.

Anonymous said...

You need to apply 2 times.

ptdx9 said...

@Sammy can you give me a link update script

GameSky said...

@Sammy which update script? can you provide the links? thanks

Sammy said...

here's the link:

monis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
monis said...

@ all
either u apply this rev2 rom directly or use that script on rev1 there is no difference.

i already applied these animation several times
but fly animation is still lagy.

GameSky said...


So what's the changes in this rev2? just flashlight fix???

Hari said...

what kernel this update use?

Kushal said...

so is this a complete .nb0 file or do i need to install the previous versions first?? internet speeds are very slow so have to think before downloading... :-(

LordVander said...

still use Andro-ID kernel without permission? LOL...

pram said...

@ LordVander : now we knew the flph developer cannot build their own kernel bro! they even didn`t have a D*CK..!!!

Anonymous said...

What permission?
Fuck you and that guy.
I'm pissing off both.

Last word and some candy for you children.

Changes are: increased battery life, gingerbread sounds, flashlight app fixed.

Harrez said...


Does update script will update from SKy fish rev1 to SKyfish rev 2? so i dont have to download full nbo again?

Anonymous said...

@Harrez Yes it does.
You will have to reboot at end.

4sharedonly said...

if i want to use your rom which nb0 should i use and which update must i flash? should i flash from the beginning or just this update.

@to the other blogger and i am assumming that you are indonesian and using bad parse and rude words

Jangan kasar gitulah. malu ama kawan kita dr international. kalau memang mau dibikin hak cipta bikin aja trus lo pada jualin deh di publik. kalo ada yang nyuri kita laporin ke pihak yang berwajib sekalian tuntut atas dasar pelanggaran hak cipta.

disini kan kita share dan ada mungkin saja dasarnya dari Andro id,

lo gak liat apa kita dipuji banyak ama orang asing. jangan sampai tambah malu nih...kita malah keliatan miskin attitude.

Setahu gw hacker Indonesia sopan sopan

Guys be more positive pls. if some one says that that he or she needs the greatest rom such as brem rom is having flaw and he tries to make it better than pls support him we do not know when will we beat Samsung Galaxy S comparing to Our O.S right???

Thank you
just a piece of mine

Harrez said...

After i apply 2nd rev update? do I need to apply cleanup update to ?

Harrez said...

Im sorry . Can some1 tell me the different between gingerbread sound and froyo sound? i mean where can i hear it ?

Anonymous said...

Any Nb0 are meant to be full rom, always.

Cleanup update just clean some trash and give your /system more space. Needed? No
After reboot, you can choose more ring and notification sounds from Settings.

Harrez said...

wow . Thanks man :D
Im waiting for your upcoming rom :D

4sharedonly said...

so basically i can use whether officially a60 or foxconn Rom and then flashing yours through recovery???

Anonymous said...

You can use any rom that you want and flash anything that you want.

But you won't need it in order to flash this rom.
So, basically, you need only SUTLR or RUT and a compatible recovery (any recovery that allows you to flash NB0).

LightPower said...

Upgraded from TwoNights to Sky Fire rev2. Booted up in Airplane mode thought I lost my IMEI but after disabling Airplane mode worked like charm.

Now my XT3 is smooth and fast. Flashlight working as it was in 2.1. Haven't tried different app for the same yet. No FC's as such.

Battery dropped 20% in 9 hrs with Edge ON, Backgroud data and auto sync one, Email checking every 4 hours and Facebook update every 3 hours, previously it used to be 30%-40%. Will wait for a day or two to make a final call on this.

Thanks to FLPH and Phantom for this great work.

LightPower said...

Typo ... should be Sky Fish rev2 :)

Aevum Dicessio said...

Notification bar with wifi,bluetooth,brightnesss etc like CM Rom.. pls pls pls..

ashura911 said...

@pram + @lordvander :
OMG ru Indonesian people always doing like this?
shame on you guys..

Harrez said...

hi , do you know where can i get this file ?
i need it to use UOT :D

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you want to do..
But you can download cyanogenmod and get it from zip file.

Big Brothers said...

how to enable a2sd?

Anonymous said...

You need to make and format required partitions in your sd card. You need at least 1 fat32 and 1 ext. You can also have a 32 bits swap partition.

How to format?
Either use Kong or Clockworkmod recovery (flash trough fastboot) and use it's function, or format it from linux (gparted), or windows (mini-tool partition wizard).

Remember, first comes fat32, then ext (recommendation: 750mb), then swap (recommendation: 32mb).

Anonymous said...

*** I mean 32 MB swap not 32 bits..

monis said...

hay i m using 1gb partition for a2sd is it ok or ill use 750mb.
and my memory card is 8gb class 4 , so swap will work properly or not.
right now i m using 0 mb swap means no swap.
can u tell me in short what swap do.
tnx for the wonderful rom

Anonymous said...

1gb partition for a2sd is ok.

Your card class is less than 6, so, swap or data2sd will make your device bit slow.

Anyway, you must disable it from Config app because if swap partition is not found but you have it checked, then swap file in your ext partition will be created and used.

Swap is like windows page file (virtual memory). Specifically in android, the only advantage you will get, is that your browser or other stuff like that will not be managed by android memory management, and, instead of downloading again all pages you were reading before switching to another app, in low memory scenario browser full memory state will be swapped, so, its charged from swap to ram.

Without swap, browser app will be killed and only necessary status information is preserved in ram, and it will be needed to download all pages again.

Basically, an app keeps running in swap instead of be killed, in a low memory scenario.

monis said...

so i should disable my data2sd. do i need a factory reset or just reboot is enough.
swap is already disabled.

can we add gingerbread screen off animation to this rom(old tv).
anyway tnx for the information.

Anonymous said...

If you disabled data2sd you will get some bug that will make framework malfunction. You will need to do a factory reset (unless you want your phone to wake up using any key and without lookscreen).

I believe that some cards are better than others... You can judge yourself if you fell slowness or not... You can also use quadrant advanced or another app that is able to display database write and read points / speed.
Recommendations are recommendations, you have the right to decide to follow or not.

Gingerbread screen off animation requires framework hard mod. It's not easy as use methamorph. Look at google for "gingerbread screen off animation froyo port".

Aevum Dicessio said...

I flashed brem over phantom king and am using that now. Now i wanna jump back to phantom skyfish. Is there a way to flash a zip through clockwork? I want to avoid using SUT for now.

LightPower said...

Found a Bug. I have set a mp3 file as Ringtone from SD Card. This is not persistent thru reboots. After reboot the ringtone gets rest to default. Tried copying the file to /system/media/audio/ringtones. But still the same issue. Notification tones are persistent over reboots. Any help here.

Sammy said...

@LightPower this is a bug in previous phantom rom, i think i've heard about this solution somewhere in this blog also

@Aevum Dicessio for this rom, it's best to use SUT rather than clockwork recovery. but if you wanna try, copy this rom .nb0 to sdcard, then use clockwork recovery to install

currently i'm using 8gb class 4 sdcard with 32mb swap, 512mb ext3, rest is fat. all working fine, i copied MMS.apk from CM7 rom, and no bugs with notification sound reset. RootManager is the best app to customize system apps. thx to @Phantom for the great job

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

@Sammy @Ligh
I didn't find any issue with notification sound in this version. Its everything working fine (at least for me).

When you set external notification sound and sd card is not mounted, it will play some annoying sound.

Sd card is not mounted, is not possible to access that sound. Rom bug? I don't thing so. It's froyo thats missing external sound cache feature.

Try to put sound at /mnt/sd/ext/sounds if you are using app2EXT Rom Feature, ant it will be cool.

monis said...

i m also using 8gb class 4 sdcard.
with 1 gb partition .
so swap will going to benefit or not coz phantom has told me that swap on class 4 usually make my phone little slow.

LightPower said...


I have copied the ringtone to /system/media/audio/ringtones but still the ringtone setting is lost over reboot. Anyways to fix it.

LightPower said...


I have the same settings as @sammy. Now I don't see any lag when going back to home screen or invoking dialer, which was present earlier to enabling swap. So I feel swap really helps.

Sammy said...

@monis you'll never know before you try it. so far the speed is acceptable to me. maybe a bit under CM7 rom, but i take the advantages of multi tasking since most memory will kept in swap, even the browser/facebook will bring me back to latest page after fast reboot (killing all task)

@Phantom, my mistakes, it's another rom which has the reset sound bugs. i don't have that bugs too. btw, that's a cool tricks, now i don't have to bloat my system folder with extra ringtones (why did'nt i think of that before?)

Sammy said...

@LightPower did u install using SUT or recovery? perhaps u wanna try re-flashing again in bootloader mode. i alwasy install SUT in bootloader mode to make sure all partition cleared, and if i have to use recovery, i make sure to flash twice. previously i had an experience flashing only once using recovery, and my previous rom setting like wallpaper stay intact even though the file is no longer exist

plutoz said...

Can i have a tutorial here on how to install your custom rom to my android 2.1 i already root my phone using z4root and downloaded rom manager, did the backup for stock rom...i copy n paste the downloaded rom file to my rooted sd but when use rom manager and click install from sd, it seems cant find the file...can i know what had i left out in the middle...If anyone could help that would be much grateful from me :)

LightPower said...

@Sammy I have installed using nb0 using SUT. After installation I have Wiped Data/Cache and did a factory reset as well. Anyway now have a work around. Using Llama to set the ringtone forcefully the one I wanted. So after boot up Llama does the job for me :)

LightPower said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

People, transact this instructions to your country language using google translate:

And please, don't use download mode because it can lead to an imei change...

@LightPower my rom don't have any issue saving ring stone settings... There was one past version that i forgot to include cda and cda system. That's all.

LightPower said...

Thanks @Phantom will try to see if something else is cause me the problem.

Just posting a Google translation here.

1.Download Material needed
- Full nb0 (rev2)

2. Backing up data
- Optional
- Criterion User
--- Do not lose data if it'll come the 1st King

3. Install
- Reboot into recovery mode (camera + power + vol up)
- Connect the USB cable
--- Extracting nb0 and select it through the sutlr
---- When finished it is recommended that do a master reset (red + camera + power) \ factory reset, if it comes from another rom

adityaperdana said...

how come that something that are made free would make such a fuss ?
open source meant to make all of us work together, not arguing each other with who deserve more recognition and made other less.
we live in a world of diversity, don't make it a bad one.

sorry for being out of topic.
but I'm concern, programmer/developer should support each other, any way around.

LightPower said...

@Phantom found the problem. It was a profile in Llama which changed the ringtone everytime the phone reboots. After fixing it now the tones are intact thru reboots.

Zeal said...

@phantom - how these custom roms are made. And how can we further modify them.

How can we run these roms on emulator so that we can review them before installing.
I tried to run them on emulator, I got success with some roms but they were too much slow.

johan said...

Thanks for your great roms. I'm waiting for your new great rom.

GameSky said...

Weird, some issues I faced in rev 2 are slow gps fix, while rev 1 have faster fix and can display the location while rev 2 can't..both rev tested at the same location ..

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for that. I was trying to fix latitude (google maps) bug and i forgot to enable some settings again. I will post SLA patch soon.

GameSky said...

@Phantom, ic..and so far it seems I've facing few reboots when watching videos, using default video app and also watching video using youtube app..possible to fix that also?


Mighty Ghost said...


i face a problem here.. I create my 4gig class 4 sd card. Fat32 partition (2.8GB), Ext3 partition (892MB), and Swap (64MB).

I was able to check all the option in CONFIG. I check the log and note that,

filesystem successful mount.
app2sd disable
data2sd disable
dalvik2sd disable
swap disable
swap partition found

from the log, my ext3 and swap can be mount. but, the settings remain disable. I try flash again, wipe all data, restart. Still disable.

I check my a2sd space using Quick Info. There no information available.

Can u help me solve this? I already partition my sd card many times. Don't have any other idea anymore.

LordVander said...


shame on you... ;)

Mighty Ghost said...

its ok phantom. I already solve the problem. all partition must be primary.. so it can be used.

i set the ext as logical. based on some internet guide.

thanks for the nice rom.

but, i want to note here..

sometime, if i go to superuser, log. if will hang and force close.. dont know why.. same with the CONFIG, i enable and disable it. will force close. just reporting.. :)

LightPower said...

@Aevrum .. Try Widgetsoids. It has this specific option of adding to Notifications.

Miyuki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GameSky said...

Somehow the issue is pretty easy to fix :) Just used GPS Status and this one from the app market and my GPS fixed within seconds..

Althought there's some random reboots, especially watching videos or youtube on the youtube app.

Thanks for the great rom ;)

Suryo Wibowo said...

@phantom: i'm still sticking to phantom 2.2.5 til now...what's the difference between sky fish and 2.2.5? thx...

Mighty Ghost said...


please help.. too many force close..

Anonymous said...

@Suryo Wibowo
Many. :)
Don't install now, wait till tomorrow (revC will be out).

@Mighty Ghost
Slow down.
You did some sort of wipe and apps that need lib files may have been preserved in yous sd ext partition.
You can either delete every app from /mnt/sd-ext or install them again opening one by one.

Mighty Ghost said...


i already reflash my rom. then i wipe all the data. including the ext partition.. all start with empty partition..

i dont get what cause this.. can i enable all the settings at config? a2sd, dalvik2sd, data2sd.

GameSky said...

@Phantom ..rev c will be released? Can you highlight what will be fixed and the features? thanks :)

theresa said...

hi! how come when i installed the skyfish, my internal memory dropped down to 111mb? is its file that big? thanks!

Anonymous said...

Reboot and you will get more 50Mb free.. :)

Anonymous said...

I mean, i don't know... That versions where you are posting is old... I don't remember exactly.

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