Feb 22, 2012

[Rom 4] Updates...

Hi there, I'm starting new topic to start this ICS porting development for FIH-F0X variant. calling all F0X developers to start develop this device this thread talk about build from CM9 source but I've AOSP project before that I use it to port the touchscreen driver this is history of the release *for demonstration only* AOSP build 05022012 then flash this kernel fix > working touchscreen driver and softkey 02022012 > partially working touchscreen driver, softkey not working *for demonstration only* #PLEASE DON'T MIRROR THESE FILES# not working: - RIL - graphic - sdcard - call/sms - bluetooth - wifi - mic - video - audio - headset - gps - auto rotation sensor - proximity sensor - etc and i think almost all features not working so don't give me a protest about it, and I'll begin the CM9 build from here, maybe cyanogenmod team not support this phone to cm9 as lack of hardware. so so if you have idea to this device please post in here problem: > system partition was too small ~160MB this are my files touchscreen driver : forum.andro-id.net/f0x_system...ant_235.0.html
idc for touchscreen : forum.andro-id.net/f0x_system...ant_235.0.html
keylayout for softkey : forum.andro-id.net/f0x_system...ant_235.0.html

sorry for my disorganized thread original thread : forum.andro-id.net/f0x_system...ant_235.0.html

thanks to:
- tj_style for guidance, touchscreen porting tutorial
- Edgar86 for lastest kernel source
- PJ for device config
- and all people that support this link: forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1481647

 By ardX


Reezqy SevenH said...

I would suggest :
1. Maybe you can edit FireRat's cMTD to enlarge /system instead of /data
2. Port amarullz's "AD2SDX Special Edition for Sebastiaan15 RunnyMede ROM" (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=18911182&postcount=1784) (that could move /system/app to /sd-ext which is actually the real /data) to z71 (This will require user to have sd-ext partition)
3. Port and edit AD2SDX to move /system/app to /data instead of /sd-ext

Well, I don't know if it's possible anyway... I'm just a newbie here...

And, why when I tried to flash the ROM, it says it can't open the zip file because it's bad? And when I tried to flash it as update.zip, it succeded, but it stucks at splash screen... and when I flash the kernel fix, it goes back to the main recovery menu, and clear the texts... I'm using CWM Recovery here...

Reezqy SevenH said...

Edit : Rebooting the recovery solved it somehow :p

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