Feb 22, 2012

[Rom] CM7.2 RC0 "KANG" 2.3.7+kernel PlayOSS v6.3 [Build 18-02-2012]

Code review : http://review.cyanogenmod.com/#q,status:open,n,z
kernel PlayOSS v6.3 change log :
- Minmax cpu freq.
- cpu frequency sampling latency multiplier
- UTF8

ROM CM7.2 RC0 Build 18-02-2012
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?p30w7caokxx8qm5

Thanks : Cyanogenmod, rmcc


Anonymous said...

+1 for upload it to mediafire.. :)

Anonymous said...


please give feedback on this rom

raymond said...

is it fluid more than apt v2 rom?

Anonymous said...

can anyone share the v6.3 kernel?

sorin said...

i can enter in recovery mod
eny sugestion?
please help

KAUSTUBH said...

Congratulations that u can
enter recovery
so what do u want
suggestion abt??? Hw not
to enter recovery????? :p

haikal kusai said...


Appu said...

Well... I got this rom up and running, but there is no market, no gapps...so i guess i have to get them and install them afresh...please someone correct me if i am wrong.

Resep Mbak Fiqi said...

@appu me neither. must flash gapps through recovery mode. this is the best rom i ever use. the new orientation animation just great i think. stick on this ROM til this device got a stable ICS.

hady said...

soooooo sweeeeeet rom :)

EduToys said...

great Rom....

Unknown said...

it ok but don't connect wifi.

Unknown said...

its works for my phone commtiva z71 cherry mobile nova. wifi, camera, internet access, mobile networking, i can boot it to recovery mode, got 806mhz processor, market already install,

Alexandra said...

ok, try to instal market but i can.t install username and pass

TJ Sagwiangsa said...

still have no service, any suggestion ? (nexian journey)

mcq said...

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