Sep 9, 2010

Apanda TESTTEL MoD1.1 (Rom2.1)

This is what I put together an integrated A688 2.1 480MHz ROM and 600MHz ROM version TESTTEL MoD1.1 speeding

This ROM has been optimized and running smoothly than the original A1 2.1

點擊在新視窗中瀏覽此圖片 點擊在新視窗中瀏覽此圖片
點擊在新視窗中瀏覽此圖片 點擊在新視窗中瀏覽此圖片
Vibo A688 features this machine is not much to complain less, Android system is also a good play!
A688 brother machine first to send A60, MUCHTEL A1 both have released the official update to upgrade to 2.1, released late on Verbatim is better not come out .... with the A60 A1 A688 out of the same mold, brush their ROM also match !

Is able to play their own brush ROM, so the integration of Web search to the resources, put together a decent individuals that ROM, here you share!!

This ROM is Muchtel A1 2.19F basic, plus WellcoM A88 v1.6.0.2 Recovery stalls and CMLMod1.5 ..... so patchwork! Main reference is CMLMod1.5 (from http://www / showthread.php? t = 136215) This Mod has the original icon mobile phone, mobile phone operators drastically change the picture, but also full of good looking!

Brief changes in the system / APP
FlashPlayer Lite and FlashPlugin (this can not just let the game play FALSH pages are not blank .....) FLASH
ADWLauncher replace the original Launcher2
FileManager replace the original Astro File Manager
The alarm clock switch from DeskClock
Barnacle WiFi Tether (cell phone into a wireless network card may be)
Date ON / OFF Widget
FancyWidget (imitation HTC Weather Clock)
BarCodeScanner barcode scanner
FlashLigth (the camera as a torch-light)
System Information Pro (to check cell phone information, kill process, clear cache)
More key Desktop switches
Photo Gallery-desire
Facebook 1.3.2
Google MAP 4.4.0

Another day and then issued a document introduced WellcoM A88 v1.6.0.2 Recovery can use the Recovery of the SD area, App2SD, backup ...
This 600Mhz ROM to run 3D restart probability is large, the proposed installation Setcpu or OverclockWidget (personal recommendation) down to 480MHz operating frequency, it will run 600MHz restart, only to wait for masters or original can be solved, such as fear of death I am ready to 480MHz ROM
Thanks to "soez" 


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