Sep 16, 2010

Update TESTTELMoD 1.11 Final (Rom 2.1)

Version 1.11 ChangeLog:

. Has ROOT
. Wisdom dial
. LauncherPro 7.5
. FileManager replace the original Astro File Manager
. The alarm clock switch from DeskClock
. With DeskClock weather news
. Barnacle WiFi Tether (cell phone into a wireless network card may be)
. BarCodeScanner barcode scanner
. FlashLigth (the camera as a torch-light)
. System Information Pro (to check cell phone information, kill process, clear cache)
. MountUSB mount SD Desktop Tools
. Note Everything replacement notebook and voice notes
. Photo Gallery-desire
. RootExplorer
. Facebook 1.3.2
. Google MAP 4.5.0


TESTTELMoD 1.11 Final 600MHz

TESTTELMoD 1.11 Final 480MHz


Nuno Sequeira said...

Oi, este update limpa os dados do Boston? Apps, contactos, msgs, videos, fotos, etc?
Qual o procedimento de instalação?

brunomsg said...

Sim, limpa tudo, o procedimento pode ser encontrado num dos 1ºs posts do Blog, mas basicamente é usar o RUT, carregar la o firmware desejado e seguir as indicações....

Unknown said...

TESTTELMoD 1.11 now is TWGoGo SOEZ1.0 said...

o vidro do meu Boston partiu-se. Algum site onde possa comprar? mil obrigados

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