Dec 15, 2010

CyanogenMod6 Rom 2.2 Build54

New build 54 (15/12/2010)

- Wifi fixes
- Battery lasts longer (with normal usage, calls, sms and wifi, lasted about 40 hours)

- Other fixes and improvements:,status:merged,n,z
BugsList ->

Download: CyanogenMOD 6 Rom 2.2 Build 54

How to upgrade from Rom 2.1 to Rom 2.2:
1) Install the Oficial ROM 226D using the TOOLS (RUT or SUT)
2) Get the "RomManager" app from market or download here
3) In "RomManager" select "Flash ClockworkMod Recovery"
4) Select "Commtiva Z71" phone (compatible with Boston and clones)
5) Copy the rom and the  Google Apps zip file to sdcard
6) In "RomManager" select "Install ROM from sdcard" and choose the Rom file
7) Select "Install ROM from sdcard" and choose the Google Apps zip file
8) Reboot in Recovery Mode (camera+vol up+power)
9) Wipe All phone data
10) You could enjoy Froyo :)


furqon said...

hi, i have install cyanogenmod build 54 everything's ok except the battery indicator is not working , i've charge my battery for 1 hours and the battery indicator still 10% .. T_T

brunomsg said...

@furgon wipe the battery data...

furqon said...

@termoflua thanks it works :) .
one more thing , on 2.2 it supposed to have "portable wifi -hotspot" option in settings->wireless&networks. but in this build only support USB tethering, does anyone know the problem ?

nevertryneverfail said...

Please try to upload to a different upload site, megaupload for example, because sucks monkeys balls.

Otherwise great job keeping us posted and maybe you should also link the spanish builds more often.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

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