Dec 27, 2010

Modded CyanogenMod 6.1.2 A60 by Leo.C

New Modded Cyanogen Rom with:
- MUIU rom GUI and icons
- Newer Google Apps
- Kernel


Thanks to Leo.C

How to:
Note: If you already have CyanogenMod go to step 3.
1 - get one oficial rom 2.1 on your phone
2 - install UniversalAndroot-1.6.2-beta5.apk to root your phone
3 - download to your sdcard the new rom update, the GApps (NEW VERSION HERE) and the camera patch Optionally You can install the new keyboard from Gingerbread
4 - install rommanager RomManager3.apk and flash Clockwork recovery or use fastboot mode with this image recovery-clockwork-
5 - reboot your phone in recovery mode (camera+low volume+power) and with the wipe option clean all phone data
6 - use "install from zip...." option from recovery to update the rom, gapps, camera and keyboard.
7 - Reboot and enjoy!!


Unknown said...

instaled it and most of it is in chinese, including apps and that cant be changed...not good

brunomsg said...

You can change the language on the menu....

Unknown said...

can we change the language to English all the phone?

Unknown said...

i suppose he downloaded those apps from the Taiwanese android market, that's why they're in chinese. After looking through the content, i must say this is a more stream-lined version as compared to the previous one - clean & sleek, so might curb batt drain.. got to test out for a few days.. And there's even an app which allow you to delete system apps! Cool..

surya said...

Is the sd card dismounting prolem fixed?

brunomsg said...

You can change the language to which you want, like on original Cyanogen, but some extra apps will continue in chinese.

Badblock said...

please, if i have [Rom 2.2] Cyanogen MOD 6.1 for Z71 - Final Version already installed (its first final 2.2 rom) can i go to step 3? or i have to install original 2.1 rom and then this rom?

Badblock said...

I tried to instal this rom on my old (like i wrote one message ago) and its working ! But man in first message has true, a lots of things in settings is in chinesse! :/ i set up english language and its didnt help :/ Iam going to test right now :P

Unknown said...

When you switch to english in your language setting, do reboot. But some of the apps will still be in chinese, i.e. autostarts, system apps manager..
Does anyone encounter problem with their google search? Its not working for me.. any fixes?

nevertryneverfail said...

The not working default browser is the only notable issue.

Unknown said...

gosh.. a non-working browser is really annoying..
anyone has any fixes or workaround to this problem? thanks in advance!

bkraptor said...

Just install the standard CM 6.1.2 then extract the boot.img from the zip for this ROM and flash it using fastboot. You get all the benefits of the SuperBler kernel and the stability of the CM 6.1.2 ROM.

Unknown said...

actually i find this rom to be more stable than the previous standard CM 6.1.2 rom since i encounter less reboot (the latter averages 1.5 reboots per day but the earlier only had 1 restarts so far). as for the non-working browser, the fix is to just copy the browser.apk over from earlier rom or simply dl any browser apps, i.e. dolphin. And lastly, those few apps in chinese can easily be replaced with english version which u can dl off the web or market.

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