Jan 28, 2011

[Rom 2.2] Official Foxconn Rom 2.2

Download: F0X-3270-0-0002-A01.rar

How to... Thanks to Dex
1. Install SUTLR_v1.7.0.zip
2. Put the phone in download mode -> red + vol up + power.
3. Browse for F0X-3270-0-0002-A01 [ROM] and select in recovery mode "Update Option: Erase user data" afterwards flash it.

To get root, thanks to calypso:
1. install clockwork recovery either through fastboot or rommanager. IF a certain version does not work, revert to older version.
2. download http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6408470/su-releases/su- AND put it into ur memory card (DO NOT PUT IN FOLDER)
3. reboot to recovery mode (camera + vol up + power)
4. select "install zip from sdcard"
5. select "choose zip from sdcard"
6. then select "su-"


Thanks to David for this tip...


David said...
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David said...

speed is still @480
anybody able to test if it can be o/c to 600 mhz?

Unknown said...

with 3230 kernel, I can flash boot to get 600mhz, and the battery still superb. but it's not working in 3260 kernel.
need to try this in 3270 kernel. flashing now...

Gábor said...

>> install clockwork recovery either through fastboot or rommanager.

but the rommanager cannot do it without root :/

David said...

much improved phone keyboard
video folder is now more similar to the image gallery
im unable to get it working @600 mhz (fastboot flash 600boot.img doesnt work like it did wit the 3230 kernel
rooting with z4root fails

Unknown said...

file manager always get FC if installing (using built in pk installer), even after 2nd flashing. anyone experience this? superclick rooting didn't work either


I'm test with
Quadrant Standart it's only 367 Point

So Why ??

David said...

@sammy did flash boot to get 600mhz work?
installing clockworkmod recovery and rooting as above doesnt work either?

your score is it with or without overclocing?

Unknown said...

@btnottrue all rom using kernel 3.2 save battery life but not get high score like real 2.2 rom


without overclock at 480Mhz

Anonymous said...

My 3 days use this ROM
Whats new
- 3 Home Scene layout available : Home, Business and Entertainment.
- Browser : New tab slide browser, seems like music slide to chose file
- Lock/unlock program
- Contact with sync option with facebook and flicker
- Better gps accuracy
- Baterry seems like previus foxconn Rom
- Video portal : video gallery like picture gallery
- Wifi thetering/usb thetering OK
- New Calendar, FB, and bookmark Widget

- Gallery 3D didnt show the image file in the sd card, only image taken from camera
- File Manager is suck. Cant use it, to install apk download file manager from Market. Need to setting the APN manually.
- Phone is so slow and alot of lag

- To rooting this phone, flash it with andro-id recovery by tj_style, in blog.sobir.in, using adb tool/fastboot mode. - enter the recovery mode, enable root. enable app2sd.
- to enable app2sd using modinstalation.apk from market
- altough enable app2sd, program still left on internal phone memory, and make phone very slow.
- can't use 600Mhz boot. So, really unconfort playing game, angry bird alot of lag in advance level.

Great work gan!
-Nexial A890 Journey-

Unknown said...

@indra the facebook sync isnt working for me ......is it for you?
it says success but nothing shows up in the news tab!...

Ahmad M said...

@Indra and @ Pranav:
I found Gmail contact can not sync, always show grey icon in sync menu.
It just only me or do you have same experience with it?

Anonymous said...

@Pranav and Ahamad :
Yeah, the sync process is part of the bugs. Facebook should be synced with third party aplication (just googling it). im back to use firetrap. porting some .apk from this rom, but not working correctly in firetrap.

gitu gan...

Ahmad M said...

hmmm, it sound to do some experiment with FOX-3260 for google sync apk.
Thanks Bro.

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