Apr 6, 2011

[APP] DroidExplorer : A whole New Way to Enjoy Android

Droid Explorer is the #1 Open Source Android device manager for Rooted devices

  • Includes the required windows USB drivers - you will be prompted to install the drivers during installation if running vista/7
  • Auto setup of Android SDK tools and drivers during install
  • Use an existing Android SDK if you already have one set up
  • Multiple Device Support
  • No need to mount SD card to access files
  • Copy any file on the device to PC
  • Copy files to clipboard
  • Copy update to device and auto-apply
  • Drag & Drop copying from Explorer to Droid Explorer
  • Auto detection of connected/disconnected device
  • Open files on PC
  • Plugin Framework
  • Application Manager
  • Right Click APK to install/uninstall
  • Take screen shots of device (landscape & portrait)
  • Open right from "My Computer" (a lot like how WinMobile is with active sync)
  • SQLite Manager Plugin
  • Uses System Icons for files displayed in explorer
  • Familiar Explorer like UI, including an Explorer like location bar 
  • Install/Uninstall APK files right from explorer
  • Standalone plugin runner
  • Window 7 JumpLists for plugins
  • DesktopSMS plugin - Send SMS messages from your desktop
  • Service can be controlled now from the options dialog (can create the service if you do not use the installer)
  • Backup plugin for the "Bare Bones" Roms
  • Run shell scripts on the device by double clicking them
What You will Need

Phone Requirements

Rooted Android Device with busybox

PC Requirements

If You have any thoughts you may have for other features to add to Droid Explorer. Report bugs or request features here or on the project issue tracker.

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Droid Explorer -

Thanks To CAMALOT from XDA


Unknown said...

0 Devices find. How to see my phone connected? I am on x86 XP

Varun Mehra said...

Check if you have all the drivers installed

Anonymous said...

nice program.... love it

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