Oct 4, 2010

bbarao Optimus 2.1 Rom - Mod2 - Root, 600Mhz...

- Root
- CPU a 600Mhz
- Recovery do Kong (App2SD, Nandroid, ..)
- Market Fix
- Demos removed
- Youtube Fix
- Other minor fixes

Download: http://uploading.com/files/38ccc61b/bbarao-optimus21-r2.zip/


Unknown said...

nice and clean...i hpe for froyo on boston :)))

Henrique said...

já alguem testou é que tou com um bocado de medo,isto não muda o imei,já alguem testou??

peter said...

How can i use app2sd in this rom?? Is some possibility?? I tried it in recovery mode, and there was message "use console". Can somebody write me, how can i start app2sd via console in this rom?? Is it possible?? Thanks

yeremynl said...

How do you install these Mods.
Can some one help.

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