Oct 16, 2010

CMLeclair Version 1.2

CMLeclair Version 1.2 (thanks to CML)

-Modified Theme and many apps to improve the visual aspect.
-Freed-rom space both in full and in clean.
-Updated the app and superuser
-Froyo-gallery (like the 1.5.2, but with blue theme in keeping with the rom). -Improved memory management.(In my opinion is more fluid than the 1.1 but do not expect miracles).
-Updated LauncherPro.
-Updated QuickSystemInfo
-Modified the wallpapers of launcherpro so you can select my original rom if you want to use it again).
-Added Portuguese and English to CMLMod (thanks RCosta).
-Included CMLMod performance section where you can manage the use of the line cpu to your needs (what teams will remain when you restart).
-Fixed error when installing the keyboard HTC_IME
-Rom-property-house, using the 1.5.2 libraries and other roms which are not of our boston.
-Now you are well kept sound settings screen, etc. (which happened to me and some complained).
-In principle navigator reboots solved .. if it continues to reboot may be by heat (low cpu CMLMod).
-Fixed some crashes that occurred in the PIN entry screen.
I do not remember most the rest find out X-D
In short, at least my phone is 100% stable, but I do not suffer from overheating as others, I rarely warms my cell phone, and with this version I was never restarted.

Clean Version - http://uploading.com/files/d16ecmc9/CMLEclair1.2.L.rar/
With extras Version - http://uploading.com/files/6adb5645/CMLEclair1.2.C.rar/

NEW VERSION 1.3: http://boston-mania.blogspot.com/2010/11/cmleclair13-rom-21-w800mhz-option.html


Anonymous said...

Is there somewhere an original Orange 1.6 ROM? Or a manual on how to extract a rom?

Unknown said...

Fantastic version!!

Unknown said...

Are this rom support Chinese ?

arshad said...

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Pico said...

please in 1.3 version add to recovery "download nb0 from sdcard"

note666 said...

what's the different between 1.2 clean and extra ?


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