Oct 16, 2010

FiretrapMod1.2 Vanilla and Sugar

Version 1.2 ChangeLog:  (Thanks to Firetrap)
- 1.2 Revised recovery and with many alterations
- Scaling OnDemand to 122Mhz
- Add alarm clock Plus V2
- Removed the Astro
- Add RootExplorer 2.1.12
- Gallery every magazine, now much more fluid, corrected the HR's with the clock.
- Updated Maps
- Sync with Google Syncro revised, much more fluid.
- Add the Touchpall to have option of choice (with dictionaries)
- Changed the sounds of the notifications (those already irritated that we hear from the Apanda)
- Removed the Default Launcher
- Add adw Launcher 1.1.5
- Dalvick entire cache was reviewed and kept in flash memory with the same App2SD
- Fixed bug in the 1.1 boot
- Improvement in battery life
- Wifi drivers updated
- Performance Improvement (See ScreenShot)

Firetrap SugarDownload:

Firetrap Vanilla Download:


terminate79 said...

I was not able to update to 1.2 as while updating, the RUT manager apps, returns with error. Can anyone facing this issue? or am i doing it rite ?

Nick said...

I have 1.2 Sugar running. No issues in update.

Unknown said...

i also have 1.2 sugar running, it is great except pandora and sound hound crash as soon as i start them, anyone else see this? This rom is sooo much better than the default android 2.1 that comes from cincinant bell.... all i need to do is find out why some aps crash!

Aalok said...

Is it working on spice mi300 ?

Suyash Mohan said...

I updated my spice mi 300 with firetrap 1.2.
After updating the internet is running very very slow and data connection is loosing very much. Even after enabling data in mobile networks many times it says network not available. The device some times not even trying to connect. The gprs/edge icon does not even blink some time.

Don't no it is just coincident that there is some problem in network provider's service or something has happened to many device.

Aalok said...

@Suyash Mohan how did u update???

dvazlloyd said...

Hi, I wanted to know if anyone know how to downgrade the MI300 back to the Spice stock 2.1 version.

Mighty Ghost said...

I has Spice MI-300, wanna ask something because I'm new in Android and Rooting.

1. what the different between sugar and vanilla?
2. what the differnet between firetrap TwoNights 2.2.1?
3. Can the firetrap TwoNights 2.2.1 installed in Spice MI-300?

firetrap TwoNights 2.2.1 link

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