Oct 3, 2010

Update CMLeclair 1.1

CMLeclair Version 1.1

-Modified Theme.
-Updated Maps.
-Updated LauncherPRO.
-Updated RootExplorer.
-Added FancyWidget (with RootExplorer you can delete)
-Removed all languages TouchPal least English, Spanish and Portuguese.
-Significantly improved performance, is more fluid, and no longer eats memory.
-Added android keyboard with voice search.
-The search for HTC voice and keyboard works.

Download: (New Version 1.2)


dyhn said...

awesome :D

please remove the f***ing demos :S

Unknown said...

Hi guy, I have very interesting in this custom rom. So can you add Thai Language to Touchpal By Default in next Version??

Unknown said...

Did not manage to install
I get the same error all the time :( I have CMLMod 1.5.2 already installed and I wanted to upgrade

Unknown said...

My error:

Unknown said...

Great ROM, indeed.. Please put SIM Tool Kit and WIfi Tethering for ur next update ROM. Many thx for ur great work.

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