Oct 30, 2010

Boston unlock and upgrade to 2.1 with CMLeclair1.2C

With this tutorial you sould be able to unlock your Optimus/Orange Boston (aka GigaByte G1305 Codfish, Apanda A60, WellcoM A88, Vibo A688, Cincinnati Bell Blaze f800, Commtiva Z71, Muchtel A1, Chinavision Excalibur, Motorola Greco, Nexian A890, Motorola XT502) and install CMLeclair 1.2C (by c.martinez.lozano) ROM 2.1 (eclair)

-You may loose the warranty on your device-IMEI may change, to restore your original IMEI use the tutorial in my second post

Important!!! There may be the risk of damaging your phone in an irreparable way! Be aware also by installing this ROM you will loose your warranty! I do not take any responsability for the status of your device!

All credits to c.martinez.lozano and pindemon from htcmania.com


Hardware requirements:
-Phone model: Orange Boston (aka GigaByte G1305 Codfish, Apanda A60, WellcoM A88, Vibo A688, Cincinnati Bell Blaze f800, Commtiva Z71, Muchtel A1, Chinavision Excalibur, Motorola Greco, Nexian A890)
Edit: never seen a phone with so many different names!!!
-PC operating system: Windows XP 32 bit with SP3 and .NET Framework 2.0 and Winrar installed. Do not try with Windows XP working on a virtual machine!!!. Seems to work also on other Windows 32 bit operating. Does NOT work with Windows7 64 bit
-USB to micro USB cable (comes with the phone)

Software requirements For CMLMod 1.5.1:
Firmware Apanda A60 1.6.2
Firmware CMLeclair 1.2C
Upgrade tool for windows 32bits (rut)
Upgrade tool for windows 64bits (sut)
Drivers for windows 32 & 64 bits

Ready to start! make sure you have enough battery left (at least 30%)

PART 1: Installing Apanda 1.6.2
  1. Unpack the file Phone drivers on your desktop, or another place, but remember where
  2. install [B]RUT_V1_2_2[B]. At the end you will have to reboot your pc. Reboot it
  3. Unpack the firmware 1.6.2 from the archive Hipi1_6_2.rar and you get a file ending with .nb0
  4. Execute RUT (the shortcut should be on your desktop). The program reminds us to prepare the USB cable and to have all the drivers installed. (For Vista or Seven 32 bit: right click on the RUT shortcut. on the menu select Properties-->Compatibility check Run this program in compatibility mode for: and select Windows XP (Service Pack 3) then press OK, then right click on the Rut shortcut and select Run as administrator)
  5. In the next window, look for the firmware just to unpacked (the .nb0 file) and select it.
  6. The instructions tell you what to do: disconnect the phone from your pc (if connected), remove and reinsert the battery to your phone
  7. Hold the camera button and the volume up button pressed and then press the power button to enter recovery menu.
  8. Once the recovery menu, connect your phone to your computer. If we never connected in recovery, it requires new drivers. They are in the inside the Folder we unpacked in step 1 inside the subfolder AndroidX32 for 32 bit operating systems (if it later asks for drivers again, select the same folder again).
  9. The installer will detect your phone. If not, enter the Device Manager and check that all devices are correctly installed.
  10. From now on, follow the on-screen instructions and wait, it takes a while.
  11. Once complete, we have the new firmware installed. Our phone will restart and (after a while) show us something in chinese. Touch the right on-screen button to select the english language.
  12. When your phone is on check your IMEI by dialing *#06# and then press the call button and write it down. Now check the IMEI written on the phone under the battery. If the IMEI is the same, go on with PART 2. if the IMEI changes, use the tutorial in my second post to restore the original IMEI.

Now your phone is unlocked but you have the chinese version of Android 1.6

PART 2: Installing CMLeclair 1.2C
  1. Unpack the file CMLeclair.rar
  2. Run the programm RUT once again, and select the new CMLeclair .nb0 file you got
  3. Repeat the same steps described in PART 1: 6.-10.

Now on your phone open the main menu and then CMLeclair1.2C to configure App2SD select Configurar Apps2sd, then partitionar SD the phone will restart into recovery mode.
Now select Partition sdcard, Partition SD and confirm with the Home key. set swap=0, Ext2=512 (is more then enough! you can also set less) and Confirm twice again.
Then press the back button and select APP2SD if you want your apps being installed on your sd in the Ext2 partition.
Attention!!! if after you want your apps being installed on your phone memory you have to make a Wipe, that means, your data will be lost.
Always in CMLeclair1.2C you can select a launcher, install flash lite and install setcpu to set the speed of the phone's processor with the possibility of variable speed.



Andrew88 said...

Hey friend please, any mirror for download PSAS for repair IMEI on my Orange Boston????

Chíes said...

Great tutorial! Worked just perfect.

Now, about the IMEI issue, does anyone have the archives?
Unable to download 00000000_sp.qcn from megaupload ¬_¬ (I could get the rest from the internet)

Thaks a lot

Andrew88 said...

Please any Mirror for download files to repair Imei on mi Orange????

Unknown said...

Me too, I need any Mirror for download files to repair Imei on mi Orange???? Please

Ricardo said...

Links to repair IMEI are off (megaupload no longer exist)... Can anyone give some help, please????

Anonymous said...

Me too, please...

CristiaN0S said...

I have Android 2.1 on my phone ... What I need to make to unlock the phone ?

Unknown said...

Android here is how i flashed this rom: 1st i Download apk reverted back to official 2.1 rom, 2nd Apllication iphone flashed to cm 7 stable.3rd updated to Apk Android MyGingerB Gaia 1.3,then lastly,updated this Gaia 2. It took so long to reboot at first,but after a couple of charging,the booting takes forever!hope this issue will be fixed Apk Androidin the next release.

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