Feb 25, 2011

[Rom 2.2] Android Bakpia Cokelat 2.2.1 Rev.2 (final)

Android Version : Android Froyo 2.2.1
Code Name : Android Bakpia Cokelat rev.2 (stable)
Kernel Linux :
Processor : Max 600MHz
Support App2SD
Dalvik Cache2SD
Dark Tremor Skript
JIT enable
GPS Config Fast Lock Satelit
Keybord : Gingerbread
Bootsplash : Bakpia 1
Themes + Icon :HTC Transparant Panel
Launcer : ADW EX
Font : Ubuntu
File Manager : RootExplorer + FileManager
Full Animation Gingerbread IME
Batrey indicator (persen)
New framework
Power on Screen : Call + Hang up

Apps Plus Update :
Fancy Widget
Google Maps 5+
Apn Asisten
Facebook 2.6 update
Foursquare update
Twitter update
Youtube update
Quick Office
Music Player : SongBirds
Avanced TaksManagerPro

Download: Bakpia_Cokelat-rev.2.tar.gz


Unknown said...

Nice, I will try it again although I got disappointed with Bakpia Cokelat 2.2.1

Tarun Kumar Singh said...

hows d rom??

Unknown said...

already flash and running for 6 hours. performance is not bad, great transparent themes. not sure about battery

Anonymous said...

can openVPN run here? or is there any tunneling driver available for this ROM like in cyanogenmod?

Nakul said...

I have Rev 1 of this ROM. If i install this, will I lose my installed apps? They're on the ext(app2sd). Also i've moved dalvik cache to sdcard.. is it possible to install this without losing any apps?

Alex said...

quadrant score?

Miguel Madureira said...

Como se instala ou descompacta?

Miguel Madureira said...

How to install?

Unknown said...

I install Wellcom A88
Home with Batrey indicator (persen) http://yfrog.com/h5n92p
Support App2SD Dalvik Cache2SD http://yfrog.com/h2882cp
Font : Ubuntu http://yfrog.com/h0wi7sp
Keybord : Gingerbread http://yfrog.com/h67g6p http://yfrog.com/h4gpnp
Music Player : SongBirds http://yfrog.com/h6ifep

vaserbanix said...

(jit enable)? where is it?

Unknown said...

Is it possible install via clockwork mod recovery?

monis said...

quadrant score please

Unknown said...

quadrant 450 + - where is jit enable??? T_T

André Sousa said...

what about the battery consumption?
works on stock phones?
Have some one tested it on optimus boston?

raditeputut said...

Bakpia Cokelat Develop by radithTux -- http://radithtux.blogspot.com :D

dredwork said...

Russian lang?

biasakan-antri-yuk said...

hi, i'm always failed to flashing froyo ROM, including this one. It says the file has not passed the signature test. I'm already disabled signature test, but still not work. I'm using ROM Manager I can only flash all the 2.3 cm7 ROM. All this ROM has one major bug for me. They always perform "blank screen" after a couple of minute using portable wifi hotspot...

what should i do? fyi, I'm using macbook, and adb can't detecting my Nexian Jouney (Indonesian type om z71 clone phone) while it can detecting my htc tattoo


stev said...

how to install by steps?tell me please

nevertryneverfail said...

Good rom my only wish was a different keyboard, the HTC one for example.

After you extract 2 times you will get a nb0 file which can be installed using a new version of SUT in download mode.

Elias said...

do this rom able to run on my MI-300?

Elias said...

i mean spice MI-300

Unknown said...

I cant touch the screen after flashing the rom... it asked me to touch the droid... but i cant touch it... i can only use the trackball~ please help. btw, im using spice mi300

Moersanee said...

BOS.... punya romdump cross ad350 gak, ? kalo ada d share bos

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