Feb 12, 2011

[Rom 2.2] Froyo Phantom Rom Update 3 (12-02-2011)

Note: Use Sut to install this rom.

Download: Froyo Phantom Rom Update3

Thanks to flph from AndroidPT


anon. said...

Any further details?

yuiflash said...

still, no info about what has changed...

megadisc said...

keep us posted

LordVander said...

where's the detail(changelog)?

Unknown said...

some in info from flph (google translate)

This topic is being built as questions arise.
This update is only for people who had installed the update 2, although it can be installed by others, I will not support.

The rom does not even root or the root manager explorer or titanium or backup launcher pro preinstalled

The app2sd is automatic, but with specifics:

Note: If you apply Darktremor Apps2SD and still notice internal storage is decreasing, this is due to the dalvik-cache not being moved. By default, Darktremor Apps2SD will not move the dalvik-cache on boot.

If you want to move the dalvik-cache to the sd card, type:

a2sd cachesd (move dalvik to sd card)
a2sd cachesdreset (move dalvik to sd card and clears contents of dalvik-cache)
a2sd cachepart (move dalvik to cache partition)
a2sd cachepartreset (move dalvik to cache partition and clears contents of dalvik-cache)

Make sure your SD card is at least a class 4 before doing this, otherwise you may run into performance issues, unless you move the dalvik to the cache partition.

You still have other caches (i.e. Browser caches) and other data being stored and updated in internal storage, so the number of free space will continue to drop, but at a slower rate (unless you are engage in heavy web surfing, tweeting or facebook socializing.)

Surin Khiewsart said...

TweetDect Force close

Anonymous said...

Yes, because i forgot to add com.google.android.maps.jar to the framework.

yuiflash said...

hello phantom,
nice to see you here
would you tell us what really has changed from previous build?

Unknown said...

Any ideas as to whats causing the imei problems?

Alexandra said...

froyo "phantom imei" is the proper name...

Anonymous said...

You should know that you have to do a master reset if you want to see you imei again :P

Not a issue at all, as i said this is only for people that already installed my old update.

Alexandra said...

how to do a master reset?

D1v1n3D said...

duno about this update phantom i updated from update 2 and it freaked my phone out forever to boot then calls drop randomly signal drops randomly first wifi connection locks up then says out of range im 3 feet from it lol then i forget redo it works facebook wont work but all works in update to which i am sorry to say i reverted back to i just love it my xt502 xt3 loves it too even tho i like the look of update 3 a lot better but my phone doesnt seem to agree with it

D1v1n3D said...

i honestly can't wait for you to do your spin on 2.3 so far you make the best over all practical roms for the z71 phones some are a little over the top = cyanogen, and some seem lacking some key features of froyo = firetrap. you are right in the middle just right where you need to be

D1v1n3D said...

also on update 3 the apanda flash screen on boot up is ugly lol i hate it why dont run the apanda rom i like the andriod one after its ok and is the only one that shows on update 2

Anonymous said...

Update 3 is officially discontinued.
Because there was many issues.
I launched minor updates 2.1 and 2.2 for people that have update - 2.

Please don't install this.

Alexandra said...

i just instaled and seems to work fine( 10 h)...if there is a bug i'll put it here...

Anonymous said...

SMS force close after sending -> Reported by a user.
Gallery don't show pictures, only thumbnails -> rendering have a bug.
Pharmacy and aplications that use google maps api FC.

Really, If you want install update-2 nb0 + 2.1 and 2.2 updates (clockwork).

Alexandra said...

from where the updates(clockwork)?

Anonymous said...

NB0 Base (Sut)
2.0 http://www.multiupload.com/SWFLKQGFEQ

Updates (from clockwork only)
2.1 http://www.multiupload.com/XMIE65K8JO
2.2 http://www.multiupload.com/O5S1C22YFE

How to activate wake up feature (front keys)

How to restore missing setcpu library

The two things are done by using SL4A (that's installed in update 2.2)
Just scan bar codes with SL4A and accept superuser permissions.
For future reference : http://www.androidpt.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=view&catid=71&id=131563&Itemid=30#131563

Friday, maybe i will use my mobile to make a full nb0 of my current rom.

Anonymous said...

Here you go: http://www.multiupload.com/0YBSK5GJFY

Last snapshot of my system. Enjoy B)

Unknown said...

How to move dalvik-cache to sd card in this rom

yuiflash said...

hello phantom
I wonder if phantomm 2.25 is the same with phantom 2.0+2.1+2.2?
is pphantom 2.5 , 2.0+2.1+2.1 which is repacked to nb0?
because in 2.0+2.1+2.1 i found a bug that keeps me received the same sms repeatedly. is the bug fixed?

Anonymous said...

It's 2.0+2.1+2.1 + wakeup with front keys + setcpu missing library. And its actualy 2.25 not 2.5. That bug you found is not related with my rom. It happed to me long time ago with my samsung star. It was operator side bug.

yuiflash said...

got it!

but I still think this is not operator side bug. any other romm didn't give me this bug.

I'll try the new version and report back to You later. Until now, tis is the finest rom.

I wish i could use this like the other

btw, is there any way to move the dalvik cache to sd card on this rom?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Not right now. I trying to implement it. I will post news there.

Anonymous said...

Ok, i'm posting there: http://boston-mania.blogspot.com/2011/02/rom-22-froyo-phantom-rom-225-14-02-2011.html

How to move cache to sd. Wait a sec.

Unknown said...

after flashing this rom, im tuck when it asked me to touch the droid. but im unable to do so. only the trackball can be used.. im using spice MI300, any solutions?

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