Feb 16, 2011

[Rom 2.3] Cyanogen MOD 7 for Z71 - Build 42

CyanogenMOD 7 for Commtiva Z71, Apanda A60, Chinavision  Excalibur, Cincinnati Bell Blaze, Gigabyte Gsmart G1305, Motorola XT502, Muchtel A1, Optimus Boston, Orange Boston, Spice Mi-300, Vibo A688 and Wellcom A88 - official nightly version

Visit the CHANGELOG for a full list of changes and features!"

Latest nightly version:
Download: cm_z71_full-42.zip

Google Apps: gapps-mdpi-20110203.zip

NEEDS RomManager 3.+

Note: I tested the battery life of build 28 (similar to this one) and it lasts near 2 days with normal usage (calls, sms, wifi, camera, gps, games..) :)

Thank you to EVERYONE involved in Cyanogen! Enjoy!


Unknown said...

pertamax by kaskuser

Aevum Dicessio said...

@Boston Mania... RC released.. plz upload it if not started already :)

Unknown said...

RC1 = build#42

Coabreca said...

why do i keep always without bandwith? i'm offline all the time and airplane mode is off. Orange Boston

Unknown said...

@claudio re-flash using stock 2.1 rom, then flash this rom, it's the only way to solve network/imei problem

Ismail Mohd Yusof said...

using RC1 for a while..
very2 good ROM indeed.

its a GO for every CSL mi300 user here.

Aevum Dicessio said...

@Ismail Any review on Wifi and mobile connectivity

Ismail Mohd Yusof said...

wifi works as usual.
no DC, and reconnect to saved/ know location automatically.

3g network not test coz i dont have data plan.
but u need to add APN manually.

so far battery life is great.
no crash so far n camera 360 hang as usual (must disable Autofocus to make it work)

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