Feb 14, 2011

[Rom 2.2] Android Bakpia Cokelat 2.2.1

Android Bakpia Cokelat 2.2.1 :
Based Firmware Android Motorola XT50
Kernel Linux :
Processor : Max 600MHz
Support App2SD
Support Dalvik Cache2SD 
GPS Config Fast Lock Optimization
Keybord : Gingerbread & HTC IME
Bootsplash : Bakpia
Boot Animation : Bakpia
Sound Login : Ubuntu
Themes + Icon : Bakpia Glass Transparent & Icon HTC
Launcer : ADW EX 3D Animation
File Manager : EsFile Explorer & RootExplorer
Wakeup Screen : Front Button - Call & Hang Call
Effect Animation : Gingerbread IME

Apps Plus :
Google Maps 5+
Fancy Widget Pro
Extended Controls Pro
Quick System Info Pro
Auto Taks Killer
APN Asisten
Add Free
Taks Killer
Real Calculator
Pocket Command Ubuntu

Bootsplash Screen

Boot Animation :

Home Screen ADW EX 3D Animation

Notification Panel


Unknown said...

i,ve tried this ROM, it has old youtube apss, just like ROM FTN

raditeputut said...

like this post :D

thorday said...

Lol:D..yea,thats realy an important factor...:))

Tnx man for this rom!
Looks like its a real deal..uses froyos app2sd,or need a particion on sd?

YuTH said...


Shankar Gupta said...

How to install the ROM? Steps please?

im said...

You can install this rom by using SUT

Shankar Gupta said...

I am new.. could you please provide me detail steps?
Thanks in advance.

Aevum Dicessio said...

can this be installed from ROM Manager?

Tarun Kumar Singh said...

hey guys
i installed apanda and over it installed firetrap.
now when i try to revert back to stock rom, my imei disappears.
Please help....

phoezies said...

@shankar, @aevum : u need 2install it via SUT

1. Install SUTLR_v1.7.0.zip
2. Put the phone in download mode -> red + vol up + power.
rest is just the same like installing any other nb0 rom

Unknown said...

Optimus Boston (Orange Boston, Gsmart G1305, XT502, Apanda A60, Vibo A688, Excalibur, A1, A88, Z71, Blaze...)

you miss NEXIAN JOURNEY on it..

Unknown said...

Maybe somebody tryed, how is this rom? He can remeber the sound settings/have JIT in that rom? Any FC?/how is the WIFI?/the rom work fluent in the menu?/please say stuff about it. Thanks!

Tarun Kumar Singh said...

hey guys
i installed apanda and over it installed firetrap.
now when i try to revert back to stock rom, my imei disappears.
Please help....

LordVander said...

FC for auto kill apps at first installation..
done when do a reboot, pull the battery..

this is a great rom for z71 variant... stable, good battery..

replace the boot.img with apanda official(600MHz) via fastboot to fix the search button bug(same problem with XT502 v.2)..

LordVander said...

@Tarun Kumar Singh

back to 2.1 original ROM to fix the IMEI problems

Surin Khiewsart said...

Great Rom A88


Tarun Kumar Singh said...

When i revert back to stock rom(2.1), my imei disappears.
What to do??

Unknown said...

FC when Sending MMS

vikas yadav said...

my motorola xt5 502 upgrade cy 7 build 39 then i not useing my phone 1 min then mobile display gone please help me any budy

groovepeppy said...

this BAKPIA is one of a kind !!!


Unknown said...

Force close of task killer.
Dial pad is old one.
Rest of it is very good ,smooth,stable.

Anyone know how to change phone dialpader to google phone dialer pad.

Unknown said...

Hey guys,

those who have problems with IMEI.
downgrade to 2.1 orange boston or any 2.1 then upgrade to this rom 2.2 using SUT
note:- please use offical recovery image instead of clockworkmod otherwise SUT gives u an error.

Even i had issue with IMEI problem when i upgrade to offical apanda 2.2.

this my experience,hope this useful for anybody

Real Site said...

bakpia cokelat vs firetrap..which one is better?

ramadhan said...

bakpia coklat is less consumption of battery and more smooth

Real Site said...

currently using firetrap sugar.i will go for Bakpia if there are no problem with that rom.

Unknown said...

Like this...
gonna try this rom, but i forgot to bring my cable data (damn!)
currently using Jellybean, no problem so far (except for ringtone back to default after restart)

any review on battery comparison?

disaster85 said...

on my G1305 it always in period of 3 seconds shows a message about COM.ANDROID.ACORE crash ))))=

johny said...

its work verry fine on my Boston !! thx for this !!

Unknown said...

Had 2 times COM.ANDROID.ACORE crash but after that running fine for 2 day's. Only a strange problem sometime with sending SMS to certain people.

Dechavorn said...

Support App2SD
Support Dalvik Cache2SD

How to enable App2SD and Dalvik Cache2SD?

Please teach me.
Thank you.

Aalok said...

Touchscreen not working on Spice mi300

Yasak said...

pls give me a complete instructions.

thank you.

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