Feb 15, 2011

[Rom 2.2] SuperBler v4.2 for Boston

- Updated GAPPS.
- Fixed boot problems on some Boston.
- Fixed problems with wifi, disconnections, etc ...
- Improved 3D performance.
- It has lost some fluency in the launchers :(
- Improved consumption considerably.
- Improved use of camera, and do not eat out too much as before.
- Updated SupSetup.
- Improved stability in 768 (but the 3D is not going as expected, except that you conservative or performance ;)).
- Improved overall stability to avoid reboots.
- Fixed issue in Boston was dismantled some SD.
- All upgrades from earlier versions :mrgreen:
- Added Portuguese.

Download: SuperBler-ST-Boston-4.2.zip

Compatible with Optimus/Orange Boston, Gigabyte Gsmart G1305, Motorola XT502, Apanda A60, Vibo A688, Chinavision Excalibur, Muchtel A1, Wellcom A88, Commtiva Z71, Cincinnati Bell Blaze, Nexian Journey Lounge...

Thanks to Superbler developers!!


Jhony Blog said...


any changelog?

Unknown said...

how do i install this rom?
when i unrar zip file there is no .nb0 file.
there are some folder and .img files that i don't know how to use..pls help!

David said...

its and update.zip file then you must copy it in the root of the sd, reboot in recovery and choose update from zip file

Unknown said...

@David : Thank's david, I've tried to install it over bakpia cokelat rom , using install from zip on the recovery menu , and when the phone starts it just stands there, doing nothing.
Over which rom must be installed?

Neptunex3 said...

@ Marian :

1. install Rom manager from market.
2. open rom manager and select 'install clock work recover'
3. select option for Z71(commtiva)
4. after you install clock work recovery..then in rom manager select install rom from SDcard....select the rom...it will install.

when you install rom...select wipe data and cache...thats all you are done.


Unknown said...

@Neptunex3: Thank's mate! i've allready done it!
Anyway, since you've mentioned about market. I have a problem that seem's to bother a lot of people.Android Market doesn't work.When i try to install an app, it just stalls at start downloading... any solution? This happens with all the roms i've tested so far..let's say ..10-15 roms..thanks in advance..srry about my english

Unknown said...

Use SUT to upgrade.
If you are using a 2.3rom force mobile to download mode and then use SUT

Unknown said...


Had the same problem a week backup. Have Uninstalled all market updates. Cleared Data of Market APP. Now working fine.

Unknown said...

HI, my sim card not working with this rom. Please help

Unknown said...

my supsetup always force close, i'm already wipe data and cache. anyone know how to fix this problem?

Unknown said...

After install superbler rom, do not wipe your data. It will remove supsetup apk from your phone and cause FC if you select supsetup menu.

Unknown said...

Some parts of the Tom like sup setup don't seem to be in English

...any idea about how to make it English

mikee2005 said...

It's a great ROM, but minus in battery durability. does anyone know how to fix it?
Last night i went to sleep the battery was still 80, but when i woke up in the morning it became 10. 70% only for standby. it made me really upset.

patrick said...

deactivate JIT in parts, performance settings, to improve battery life

binary_drummer said...

Great.. So i was in a hurry to install this rom and now i cannot go to recovery mode, backup and restore functions not working, bootloader splashimage vanished and replaced.. Any ideas??

Rom Manager is installed..

binary_drummer said...

do you guys know how do i switch to the boot motorola logo again?

nandan said...

IMEI is getting lost after installing this. Tried from different rom. Using viedocon zeus.

Can anyone help me by giving nb0 link for this?

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