Nov 11, 2010

Updated ClockworkMod recovery v2.5.1.1 for Boston

fastboot flash recovery clockwordrecovery.img
fastboot reboot

Download: recovery-clockwork-


Unknown said...

I am not able to use it properly.....the scroll is not working....and by the volume jumps two steps skipping the update option....!!!

Jorge said...

Just like the previous version if you'd the older one...

Alex3n said...

Rehaan!!, use trackball button press keeping with volume key and all be fine!

Ali said...

how to install .nb0 from RUT, before i install this version i just simple press volume up +camera+power and entering recovery mode, and after that RUT will detect and install.nb0 but now after i install clockworkmod, i don't know how to.
need help please.

Tamás said...

I install clockworkmod to motorola xt3 -> pressing vol.up+camera+power -> I haven't bootloader. What happened???

Unknown said...

@Ali: I have the same problem, please inform me if you find a solution... I'll continue searching and trying and give you a hit if I find something out.

Unknown said...

@Tamás: the same problem, doesn't work on xt3

Ali said...

@Adam what you have to do is:
1. press HANG UP soft button, VOLUME UP and POWER to enter Download mode.
2. and your phone is entering Download mode with something iterate with black background screen, i am so panic at that time almost fainted ;-p
3. Open up the RUT application and browse nb0 file that you need to install to your phone.
4. you can see "Next" button on RUT application, it means your phone is detecting.
5. RUT will warn you that your phone is in download mode, just click Confirm
6. click Next on RUT application, wait until finished.
7. RUT will said that failed to update flash ROM.
8. turn off your phone and remove the battery
9. go to Recovery Mode -- DIFFERENT with DOWNLOAD MODE, recovery mode is : Vol UP + Camera + Power.
10. Open RUT Application and connect the USB
repeat the procedure to install nb0 file
11. wait until finished and successfully update.
12. unplug the phone, and remove the battery
13. do the Master Reset with the following: Hang UP + Camera + Power
14. wait until your phone will restart automatically
15. you will get your phone.
good luck

but Please to bear in mind it's on your OWN RISK.

i cannot guarantee, but it works with my phone. i almost tried many ways to get my phone back and this is the successful one.
TIPS about Android Mode
Recovery Mode: Vol Up + Camera + Power
Download Mode: Hang Up + Vol Up + Power
Master Reset: Hang Up + Camera + Power
Fastboot Mode: Hang Up + Vol Down + Power
FTM Mode: Vol Up + Vol Down + Power
=================================== said...

What is RUT application? Is it some windows application or on phone?

gaurav said...

sir please tell that where i will get this rut please send me the link

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