Nov 17, 2010

CyanogenMod6 for Boston Rom 2.2 Build17

New build 17 (17/11/2010)

- Remove ridiculous debug verbosity from kernel
- libcamera: Fix brainfreeze-induced setting
- Fix mmc resume issues
- Revert "Revert "Add a prebuilt librpc""
- Add support for atheros btfilter
- mm-video: vidc: Update VIDC from CodeAurora
- omx-mm-core: 7630: Latest version from CodeAurora
- bionic: Add akm8975 header
- bionic: Add vidc headers and 7x30 PMEM ioctls
- Fixed: cannot read out correct heap size from dalvik.vm.heapsize
- Fix broken translation dir name.
- msm7k: Revert QCOM changes to librpc
- Fix Expanded View showing when you disable it, and reboot.
- Fix incoming ring repetition

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Download: CyanogenMOD 6 Rom 2.2 Build 17

Thanks to,status:merged,n,z

How to upgrade from Rom 2.1 to Rom 2.2:
1) Install the Oficial ROM 226D using the TOOLS (RUT or SUT)
2) Get the "RomManager" app from market or download here
3) In "RomManager" select "Flash ClockworkMod Recovery"
4) Select "Commtiva Z71" phone (compatible with Boston and clones)
5) Copy the rom and the  Google Apps zip file to sdcard
6) In "RomManager" select "Install ROM from sdcard" and choose the Rom file
7) Select "Install ROM from sdcard" and choose the Google Apps zip file
8) Reboot in Recovery Mode (camera+vol up+power)
9) Wipe All phone data
10) You could enjoy Froyo :)


peter said...

and what about wifi??

bluedriver said...

use a translator tool (portuguese blog)

Unknown said...

plz help me i cannot install back my spice mi 300's stock rom

sTeAvEn said...

still wifi issue

Nick said...

@Tarun: Did you try the .nb0 file from the Spice official Update?
When you run the setup for MI-300-Eclair-Software-Updater-Tool, it places the ROM (.nb0 file) in the program (Software Update Tool Setup) directory.
Use RUT or ROM manager...

Adrián Chapela said...

Hello, how could I get rooted the 2.1 official to work with ROm Manager ? I have problems to install drivers and the FTM mode. I couldn´t work with my Orange Boston in FTM mode with the adb... :(

S Moinuddin said...

So does this not work for Spice MI300?

Tarun did u roll back to 2.1 or what happened to ur Phone now?

Susan said...

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