Nov 26, 2010

CyanogenMod6 Rom 2.2 Build32

New build 32 (26/11/2010)

Lots of fixes and improvements:,status:merged,n,z
BugsList ->

Download: CyanogenMOD 6 Rom 2.2 Build 32

How to upgrade from Rom 2.1 to Rom 2.2:
1) Install the Oficial ROM 226D using the TOOLS (RUT or SUT)
2) Get the "RomManager" app from market or download here
3) In "RomManager" select "Flash ClockworkMod Recovery"
4) Select "Commtiva Z71" phone (compatible with Boston and clones)
5) Copy the rom and the  Google Apps zip file to sdcard
6) In "RomManager" select "Install ROM from sdcard" and choose the Rom file
7) Select "Install ROM from sdcard" and choose the Google Apps zip file
8) Reboot in Recovery Mode (camera+vol up+power)
9) Wipe All phone data
10) You could enjoy Froyo :)


dsac23 said...


Does this ROM has the GPS problem fixed?

Thanks in advance.

cipi said...

GPS fixed long ago but wifi still problem!


Mmmmmm ... Seem, no more fixed significant bugs.

dsac23 said...

What's the problem with Wifi? :\

Nick said...

@dsac23: Wifi doesn;t detect the available networks.

crazygangsta said...

i saw that are 3 tipes of rom:
so, can someone tell me what means RC???

cipi said...

Release candidate

"The term release candidate (RC) refers to a version with potential to be a final product, ready to release unless fatal bugs emerge. In this stage of product stabilization, all product features have been designed, coded and tested through one or more beta cycles with no known showstopper-class bug." Wikipedia

crazygangsta said...

ok...thanks...and i think that the RC version is better than the nightly one

cipi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cipi said...

theoretical yes but not RC3

Mysterious Boy said...

hey when i install Oficial ROM 226D its not rooted
and when i try to root it, it always fail
then how can i install custom recovery image :(

Unknown said...

have u tried using 'superoneclick root', try googling it ;)

Mysterious Boy said...

yeah tried the latest version but still the problem persist :(

Unknown said...

still only zip file, not nb0 file?

cipi said...

Use this method:

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